7 Ways to Give the Gift of Coziness

7 Ways to Give the Gift of Coziness

When the weather outside is frightful, taking time out to savor a cozy moment is especially delightful. And what better way to show how much you care than by giving a gift that helps someone you love to feel a little cozier all winter long?

If you'd like to give a gift that warms their hearts – and keeps the rest of them cozy, too – try one of these super-cozy gift ideas for inspiration.

A Cashmere Sweater

If you're shopping for your sweetheart, a men's cashmere sweater can be a show-stopper of a holiday gift. These soft, super warm sweaters will definitely up the cozy quotient of any outfit, whether it's for date night or under a blazer at the office. And there's a cozy bonus for you in this gift, too, because it'll feel terrific when you snuggle up next to him on the sofa to watch a movie together on a snowy winter night.

You can take this gift to the next level of cozy by including a gift certificate for dinner at your favorite local bistro, so he'll have somewhere wonderful to wear his present.

A Winter-Scented Candle

When you're looking for someone you don't know well – say a coworker who's helped you out of a jam at the office – a candle can be an ideal neutral gift, one that shows warm feelings and brings a warm glow to any room.

You can make this gift feel more personal by wrapping it up with a box of your friend's favorite baked goods, or a bottle of her favorite wine. It's giving her a wonderful, laid-back evening at home.

An Oversized Scarf or Wrap

Does your sister never, ever feel warm enough, no matter what the thermostat says? Then a beautiful wrap can be a gift she can take everywhere to make sure she's never chilly again. Wraps are an ideal piece because they're so flexible. They look terrific with women's jeans or over a pretty little black dress. And they're light and easy to fold and carry, so she can bring it with her everywhere.

You can make this gift extra special by pairing it with a piece of jewelry that shows off her style–perhaps a pin that she can keep on the wrap all the time to make it even more eye-catching.

A Set of Flannel Sheets

If one of your besties has recently moved into a new place, a brightly hued set of flannel sheets can be an ideal way to help set the scene for cozy dreams all winter long. Flannel sheets are soft and warm, but because they're made with cotton, they're also breathable, which means they won't cause her to overheat in the night.

When you want to make your gift more one-of-a-kind for your friend, you can have the sheets personalized with a monogram of her initials, or pair it up with mugs and a box of her favorite tea, so she can settle into bed for a long winter's nap in ultra-cozy style.

A Pair of Long Underwear

Granted, this isn't a gift that'll win you a ton of style points, but if your brother is an outdoor adventurer, a good set of thermal underwear is something he won't just appreciate – he'll it love all winter long. He'll probably love it enough to move you up the ranks on his “favorite sibling” list every time the forecast turns colder.

Make this gift even more useful by boxing it up with another piece of gear he needs for his adventures–think of items like headlamps, hand warmers, or even a scarf that he can use to feel cozy wherever his treks take him.

Throw Blanket

The throw blanket is a cozy-making superhero, always able to make people feel fantastic when they're hanging out at home. And for the pal who spends whole Saturdays at home wrapped up in a good book, a throw blanket can take their relaxed time to the next level. This is also a good gift for friends who spend long periods gaming, too.

You can make the gift personal with a monogram, or by giving the blanket to them wrapped around the latest release from their favorite novelist.

Family Pajamas

If there are busy parents on your people-to-buy-for list, giving a set of matching family pajamas can be a wonderful way to make their time spent at home with the kids even cozier.

It's the perfect thing for everyone to wear when school's canceled for a snow day and everyone is home playing games or watching their favorite family movies while the snow continues to fall outside. They can take photos for their family album (or their Christmas card) of everyone dressed up and matching, and make memories together that they'll hold onto forever.

And there's nothing not cozy about that.


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