How to Achieve a Cozy Farmhouse Look in Your Home This Christmas

How to Achieve a Cozy Farmhouse Look at Home This Christmas

Warm and inviting like your comfiest women’s robes, cozy farmhouse style is one of the most appealing home design styles of the moment. It exudes a sense of comfort and tranquility, and it’s versatile enough to implement at any time of the year. Yet if you’re feeling especially spirited, consider adding that farmhouse touch to your home during the Christmas season. It’s traditionally the season of festivity and togetherness, and this décor style is perfect for creating a haven of complete serenity.

What’s the key to bringing it all together? It’s all about simplicity. There’s nothing crisp or contemporary about the farmhouse look. It’s inherently understated, with little touches that reflect a hint of country-style charm. In the modern world, you should aim to include a few newer accents to create some balance. This will prevent the design from appearing too antiquated unless that’s the specific look you want. Here are some ideas to make your cozy farmhouse goals a reality.

Give the Kitchen a Makeover

You don’t need to renovate your entire kitchen to bring this design concept to life. Swapping out your existing accessories and décor for more farmhouse-friendly pieces can have an enormous impact on the space. Try some earthy touches, like a wire basket to store fruits, decorative canisters for spices, and hand towels in coordinating colors to complete the look.

If you’re remodeling your space and want to implement some permanent additions, consider installing an apron sink and shaker cabinets. This duo absolutely screams “farmhouse” in the most practical and approachable way. Opt for lighter colors so you can easily work a variety of accents into the mix. Another way to make a big change with minimal effort? Create an earthy centerpiece on the kitchen table, like a glass vase with a few sprigs of lavender.

Integrate Some Old-School Furniture

The impact of the right furniture can’t be understated. Traditional farmhouse-style furniture is rustic and earthy, with occasionally distressed elements contributing to that sense of old-world character. Rocking chairs are perfect for their practicality: they’re comfortable, easy, and oh, so relaxing.

Better still, you can use them both inside or have outdoor rocking chairs. If you live in a cold climate, keep it indoors and enjoy rocking by the fireplace or while reading a story to the kids during the holidays. When it warms up, keep it outside on the patio. These rockers are designed to withstand anything, so you never have to worry about issues like fading or peeling. What’s better than a versatile chair that reminds you of cozy comfort and good times with the family?

Get the Mantel Holiday-Ready

One of the easiest spots in the home to transform with farmhouse-friendly accents is the mantel. It’s an eye-catching spot that instantly commands attention, usually because it’s a prime location to show off your favorite photographs or décor. This season, hang a few needlepoint Christmas stockings along the side. It’s in keeping with tradition, and you’ll love the way they contribute to that sense of familial warmth and comfort.

Other accents to consider include wooden signs bearing festive greetings, sprigs of holly, vibrant wreaths, and gilded candle holders with slender candlesticks. A little bit of color helps brighten up the mantel and brings it up to date, lending it a well-balanced appearance that’s clearly country-inspired, yet not too overdone or forced in its conception.

Add Some Practical Storage Solutions

Storage is bound to be of the essence on Christmas morning. The kids will urgently tear the wrapping paper off their gifts, adults will toss their gift bags to the side, and you’ll be left with quite a few items with no home. Add a few storage baskets made with seagrass to your space to instantly warm it up — and keep things a little more organized.

Available in a variety of different sizes, they’re ideal for holding items of all kinds. Keep a seagrass bin handy for all of the toys the kids are sure to accumulate, for example. It’s an easy option when you want to keep things in one place and within easy reach. Sort holiday mail into a storage tray. Keep round baskets handy for little odds and ends that might accumulate during the season. As for the torn-up wrapping paper and gift bags? Repurpose what you can!

Finish With Those Cozy Accents

Look around your home and consider other areas you can update. Swap your existing throw pillows for Christmas throw pillows to warm up living spaces and bedrooms. Add a wreath to the front door. Place a soft throw on the sofa to relax at the end of a busy day spent baking and shopping.

You can even transform the exterior of your home with a few farmhouse touches. Place a couple of potted plants in rustic planters outside the front door. If you have furniture on the porch, exchange the pillows for festive designs for the holiday season. A few accents placed outside can make all the difference and set the tone you want.

You don’t need to make enormous changes to transform your home into a comfy farmhouse, but once you get started you might find it difficult to stop. With so many cozy-meets-stylish options available for the inside and outside of the home, you’ll find countless ways to give your home a serene upgrade just in time for the holiday season.


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