The Coziest Bedding for Winter

The Coziest Bedding for Winter

What better time than the winter to add some ultra-cozy bedding to your home? From plush blankets and soft comforters to smooth bed sheets and pillowcases, there’s nothing more practical than bedding that keeps you warm and comfortable when it matters the most.

As temperatures drop and snowflakes start to fall, you and your family will feel your best in bedding that helps you cozy up to endless comfort for a good night’s sleep and some much-deserved R&R. You can even add some festive bedding to the guest bedroom, and you might want to consider giving some wonderful seasonal pieces as gifts to your nearest and dearest, too. Here are some fantastic options to consider for the season.


From faux fur to cashmere to fleece blankets, there’s no lack of options in this department. They’re all perfect for various purposes, whether you want a lovely layering piece for bedtime, something for the family to wrap up in while enjoying holiday movies on the couch while sipping hot cocoa, or a pretty accent to drape over a chair.

Warm, warmer, warmest? No matter your needs, you’ll find a fabric that’s just right for locking in as much heat as possible and keeping you comfortable. Faux fur and cashmere add elevated luxury to any space, and they’re perfect for gift-giving purposes, too. Some styles can be engraved with their initials or a meaningful emblem, making them great Christmas presents for the most special people in your life. Fleece is another fantastic candidate that keeps you warm without causing you to perspire or feel sticky through the night.


A lofty comforter can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. While experts typically recommend sleeping in a cool environment, some people simply feel their best when they’re bundled up in the softest materials imaginable. Down comforters go above and beyond, providing thick, tufty goodness that envelops the body in warmth for exceptional comfort on those below-freezing nights.

But you aren’t limited to down. A synthetic down is similarly suitable for its lofty texture. Materials like velvet flannel and 100% pure Supima ® cotton provide incomparable softness, making every night a dream. Whether you’re wiped out from negotiating the crowds while holiday shopping or just need to unwind at the end of a busy day, a toasty comforter is just the thing to help you relax and rejuvenate when you come in from the cold.


The best bed sheets for winter are made with materials like fleece, flannel, and Supima ® cotton. They lock in body heat, keeping you well insulated on cool nights. Since this is the layer closest to your body, the material you select can really have an effect on the quality of your sleep. Flannel is an excellent choice for its soft hand and generally fuzzy feel—and the fact that it won’t lose its integrity even after multiple washings.

If you favor something light yet warm, fleece is a practical choice that will keep you warm without adding any heaviness to your bed. The material is gently piled, creating small “pockets” that trap warmth and keep you toasty from the moment you get into bed to the moment you wake up. And you can never go wrong with Supima ® cotton, which is among the top 3% of cotton grown in the country. It’s softer than you can imagine, and well worth it either for yourself or to give as a gift.


Pillowcases don’t receive quite the same level of attention as other pieces of bedding, but they can be just as effective in helping you warm up quickly. That’s why you’ll find them in so many different fabrics, like ultra-smooth jersey fabric that feels incredibly soft, yet will never feel uncomfortably itchy under your head. Fleece pillowcases are a fantastic alternative if you demand nothing but constant coziness from top to bottom.

You can even personalize some shams—a thoughtful gesture for those in your life who could definitely benefit from some serious TLC. It’s a nice idea for the kids, too, so you can easily distinguish which shams belong to which kid. Give them as housewarming gifts to the holiday hostess welcoming you over for the first time. Or simply add them to your master bedroom when you want to elevate your comfort level while adding a touch of festive style to your home.

From one season to the next, choosing the right bedding matters. Staying warm and comfortable while the wind whips and the snow falls can help you feel cozier and more relaxed—both of which are especially key during the busy holiday season, when you may feel even more overwhelmed than usual. Looking forward to a toasty night in bed is the best antidote to a cold and tiresome season.

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