Cottagecore Dresses and Sweaters You Need

Cottagecore Dresses and Sweaters You Need

The cottagecore lifestyle has taken the internet by storm, influencing the fashion and values of people around the world. What started as a small movement around 2017 has become a massive return to simplicity, natural aesthetics, and old-timey fashion trends. In cottagecore homes, you will see plenty of natural materials like wood, reclaimed antiques, dried florals, handcrafted goods, embroidery, and more. This aesthetic has influenced everything from cooking methods to clothing fashion.

On cottagecore social media posts, you’ll see contemplative people in chunky “grandpa” sweaters and tweed pants enjoying the simple life. You’ll also see influencers in floral crowns wearing loose, flowy selections of women’s dresses. Cottagecore is all about returning to what matters, savoring time slowly, and embracing the beauty around you. If you want to introduce this style into your wardrobe, here are some cottagecore dresses and sweaters you need.

Use Natural Clothing Materials—With Comfort in Mind

When you embrace the cottagecore lifestyle, you should choose clothing made from natural materials like cotton, cashmere, tweed, wool, and linen. These materials are the same ones used in the past and are the ones you see in historical movies. When you sift through your closet, you’ll be surprised at what you can already integrate, too. A linen shirt can wear with a variety of flowy skirts, or cotton pants makes a fine separate to keep around to complete the cottagecore look.

If 100% wool isn’t your cup of tea, explore blended women’s wool sweaters and cardigans. These pieces give you that chunky, cozy sweater look but with a softer texture by integrating cotton, acrylic, and nylon into their wool fibers. While the main influence in the material is wool, the additional materials take away the traditional discomforts of wool-like itchiness and highly particular care instructions.

Also, when it comes to 100% cotton, this material is comfortable most of the year and matches with plenty of separates. However, in the dog days of summer, thinner cotton or a nylon cotton blend can wick away sweat more effectively. If you’re worried about authenticity, don’t worry. Cotton blends that still have the cottagecore appearance but without any balmy discomfort.

Dresses That Reflect Natural Beauty

Cottagecore is all about echoing the charm of simple clothing that harmonizes with nature. Picture old pioneer clothing or the rustic dresses worn in the Tuscan countryside, and you have a good idea of what kinds of dresses to find. When choosing a cottagecore floral dress, stick to natural materials or subtle material blends. For instance, light and flowy cotton summer dresses are equivocal crowd-pleasers in the cottagecore community.

When choosing a dress, stick to natural patterns and solid print colors, and stay away from anything that looks synthetic, like geometric prints, slogans, and neon colors. Ditsy flower prints are especially popular within the cottagecore community.

If you find a dress that looks inspired by nature, such as with the deep red of roses, the light pinks of peonies, or using patterns that replicate the natural curve of leaves and branches—get it! These pieces will blend with so many of your cottagecore layering essentials like sweaters, cardigans, jackets, leggings, and more.

Chunky, Cozy Sweaters and Cardigans

When the weather cools down, nothing tops off a cottagecore outfit like a slightly loose sweater or cardigan. This cozy, relaxed silhouette embodies the humble yet sophisticated style of the cottagecore world, incorporating soft knits and natural hues into a multi-layered outfit. All sweaters should maintain the theme of natural and effortless beauty. Stick to colors inspired by nature like tan, black, gray, and dark brown, as well as some vibrant colors inspired by flowers and wildlife. Steer clear from neons and sparkles that take away from the natural look you’re aiming for.

A women’s wool sweater in mustard thrown over a simple floral-print midi dress is an iconic cottagecore look that can be put together effortlessly. For an extra touch of rustic chic, put on some leather ankle boots or flats.

In every season, there are different styles of cardigans and sweaters to enhance your ensemble. In the summer, light cotton cardigans can offer some coverage on cool summer nights and in air-conditioned rooms. Cotton knits with a ¾-length sleeve are ideal for early and late fall, while wool blends and cashmere long-sleeve sweaters are oh-so-cozy in the winter months. Wear them with some well-loved jeans, corduroy pants, or a flowing skirt for a fun look that’s easy to put together.

By following these tips, you can make beautiful cottagecore outfits with just a dress and a cardigan.


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