Coolest Outfit Combinations for Your Back-to-School Boy

Coolest Outfit Combinations for Your Back-to-School Boy

It's a new school year meaning new clothes for your boys! Back-to-school season can cause so much excitement—and anxiety. Your boys of all ages will face meeting new people and getting comfortable in unfamiliar spaces. That's why having the right clothes can make your boy feel better. Kids care about how they look. Their friends, siblings, and the media can influence their views. Kids can't help feeling more confident when they feel good with their clothes. Plus, clothes provide a chance for kids to show off their personalities.

Styles To Consider

When shopping for you boys, consider stylish prints they might love. Boys may especially love certain animals like sharks. Embrace your boy's obsession by letting them don apparel with their favorite creatures. Perhaps that'll allow your boys to feel fearless like the creatures. They also will be interested to learn more, not only about sharks but other animals, too.

Kids also love sport-themed apparel, so let them rep their favorite teams by buying apparel featuring their favorites. Go with traditional team logos and players' numbers or find options with a graphic spin, such as graffiti-styled prints. Stripe prints, plaid, and patterns are versatile, and you will find them on almost every clothing article, from T-shirts to hoodies.

Finally, kids love their cartoons. They have their favorite characters, superheroes, television shows, cereal mascots, and movies. Let them show their affection for their favorite characters by outfitting them in apparel that features graphic prints of their favorite cartoons.

So, how do you tie everything together to ensure your boys look as stylish as possible? If you're looking for fresh outfit combinations, check out our ideas.

Polo Shirt and Bottoms

A polo shirt is a classic top for many schools' uniform policies, and a perfectly fitted polo is comfortable for kids sitting in classrooms all day. Kids' polo shirts come in various styles, too, from short-sleeved to long-sleeved styles, and polos strike the perfect balance between polished and casual. Mix and match your boys' polos with various bottoms. For more laid-back dress codes, they can style their polos with jeans, shorts, or casual bottoms. However, they might wear their polo shirts with khaki bottoms or dress pants for stricter uniform policies.

Graphic T-shirt and Jeans

Little ones love their kids' graphic T-shirts and jeans. It's common to find T-shirts with kids' favorite prints, patterns, and graphics. Plus, you might be able to buy tees in bulk. Purchase his favorite tees so he can show off some personality every day of the week! Consider solid neutral shaded tees that can go with almost anything, such as a range of jackets, hoodies, and other layers. As for the bottoms, jeans are always a win in kids' books. Blue jeans will go with almost anything—but consider jeans of various colors and styles.

Graphic T-shirt and Athletic Shorts

For warmer days, swap out his jeans with athletic shorts. In some places, it'll still be warm in the summer. Therefore, jeans might be too heavy, and breathable shorts will provide the utmost comfort. Even if the day isn't too hot, he can always wear his shorts during gym class.

Hoodie and Sweatpants

Like graphic T-shirts, boys love their hoodies. And, why not? They're cozy enough for chilly classrooms and colder days. Boys' hoodies with pockets provide space for their essentials. Plus, they come in a range of styles. Solid shades can match most of his outfits. However, try color blocking, sports-themed graphics, or any styles we mentioned at the beginning for more exciting options. Sweatpants are a natural match for hoodies. They're just as comfortable. You can also find matching hoodies and sweatpants so that your boy and match from top to bottom. For an alternate layer, consider a sweatshirt rather than a hoodie.

Button-Down Shirt and Pants

For a more formal choice, consider a button-down shirt and pants combo. This outfit type can be just as stylish as the others mentioned before. Button-down shirts come in various styles, from solid white and black shades to patterned tops, and this outfit will have your boy little put together. You could also style his shirt with boys' jeans and pants of his choice.

Cardigan and Khaki Pants

Another formal choice, boys' cardigans, are great for chilly classrooms. They look great with khaki pants; however, your boy can also match his cardigan with other bottoms, such as jeans. Long-sleeved cardigans are the most common. However, consider cardigan vests, too, over long-sleeved shirts.

Find the Right Shoes for Your Boys

Comfortable kids' shoes are a must for the back-to-school season. Sneakers are common for more casual outfits, such as jeans and T-shirts. More active sneakers might be fit for gym class or after-school sports, and fashion sneakers can elevate his style to the next level. Other must-have shoes for boys include rain boots, sandals, booties, and loafers. Buy a range of styles to ensure your boys look their best!

Tie Everything Together with Accessories

Accessories can take outfits to the next level. Backpacks and belts are necessary and can also be stylish. Look for the types of accessories that feature his favorite designs. Also, consider statement-making pieces that let him show off his personality. Find accessories with standout styles, such as designer sunglasses, hats, and more, that'll let your boys express their personalities!

We hope you use some of our style tips to ensure your boy's school year is a success. Most of all, talk to your little learner and figure out his style to ensure he'll look as cool as possible!


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