Common Questions About Women's Jeans

Commonly asked questions about women's jeans

Over the last few decades, jeans have gradually made their way out of the ‘weekends only' part of the closet and have found a spot front and center for everyday wear. These days, people wear jeans for work, play and everything in between. But with so many different styles to choose from and changing fashion trends on the horizon it can be hard to know what jean is right for you. Check out our answers to a few of the commonly asked questions we hear about women's jeans and make your shopping experience a little smoother.

What is the newest style in denim?

This season all jeans are in style – thankfully – and with so many great cuts to choose from chances are you can't go wrong just buying what you're comfortable in. That being said, we'd be doing you a disservice if we didn't alert you to the newest styles in denim for 2019.

1. Flared jeans:

In other words, jeans that are tapered from the top and get wider near the bottom. We didn't stray too far from this timeless, high-waisted classic pant. Our Lands' End wide leg jeans have the classic five-pocket styling you remember but also an excellent stretch and recovery you'll instantly love.

2. Cropped jeans:

This season look for jeans that are cropped at the ankle for a fun and fresh look. Available in straight leg, slim leg and even a slightly wider stove pipe style our ankle jeans are exactly what you need to update your look this season.

3. Fashion forward mom jeans:

Don't be mistaken, these aren't your mom's jeans – just inspired by them. Our take on the high-waisted, straight leg style you love includes a front pocket designed to smooth your shape and a contour waist that won't gap in the back. Don't hesitate to put your fashion savvy spin on them by adding a rolled cuff. After all you are a fashion forward mama (with or without kids).

What is the newest trend in denim?

Jeans may be in style year round but they're not impervious to passing (or lasting) trends. This season look for denim with embellishments like hem details, fringe, distressed legs and stylish embroidery. Color is also on trend for denim this season and Lands' End is prepared to meet the demand. From gray and green to violet, rose quartz and lemon our colored jeans are a fun way to turn a casual outfit into a ‘look' sure to inspire envy everywhere you go.

What jeans can you really live in?

At Lands' End we strive to make all of our jeans the most comfortable pair you'll ever own. After all, we know life doesn't slow down, not even for tight pants and uncomfortable waist lines. For those days you need your jeans to go the extra mile invest in a pair so sleek and comfy you could live in them. Literally. Our women's pull on skinny jeans are designed for just that. A pull-on style that eliminates the bulk and fumbling of a front fly and button at the waist, its super-stretchy denim fabric makes a skinny jean style feel absolutely great. Plus the fit is universally flattering. Plus, they have REAL pockets you can use! What else do you need?

Which jeans have the best slimming technology?

The phrase ‘slimming technology' makes it sound like some sort of super power, which it isn't. But, then again, wearing a pair of jeans that make you look taller, leaner and more confident gives you a sort of power all its own, don't you agree?

Our Women's High Rise Slim Leg Skinny Jean is the 1 in 450 million pant you've been looking for. In other words, you won't find a pair of jeans like them anywhere else (unless those jeans come with the Lands' End name, that is). Why? Because we made them from denim that has excellent stretch for your busy lifestyle but still bounces back beautifully to keep that flattering fit you love. Plus we made them in a high rise jean style that elongates the legs, giving the illusion of a longer, leaner you. Available in regular or ankle length you can choose how you want to wear them. Because no one said you can't have more than one pair of superpower jeans.

Which jeans flatter all shapes?

At Lands' End we aren't afraid to dream. Our most recent dream? That our customers can shop for their dream pair of jeans at without worrying if a different style or cut will look as good on them as their old favorites. Our solution? Give all of our jeans a universal fit that is so consistent and flattering that our customers can try on any pair of Lands' End jeans and know it'll be just right.

Which jeans have the most comfortable fits?

Unfortunately this isn't something we can answer for you – only you know what you feel comfortable in. However, we can (and have) strive to make a comfortable fit of every style of jean so that there's always something for everyone at Whether you prefer high rise or mid rise, skinny jean or straight leg jeans, wide leg or ankle length we've found a way to make a comfortable version of them all.

All of our jeans are made from denim with an element of stretch for comfort but also excellent recovery so they keep that flattering fit you love about them. Our Starfish Elastic Waist Jeans and Pull On Jeans take comfort to the next level where you'll no doubt forget at some point that you're even wearing pants (don't worry, you are). Some of our jeans, like our Women's High Rise Skinny Leg Ankle Jeans, are made from a fabric that has special dual-function yarns with warming and cooling properties to keep you comfortable regardless of the weather. Whatever your preferred style or fit, we promise you'll find a pair of Lands' End jeans that give you that comfortable fit you've been craving.

What jeans are great for curves?

Our selection of curvy fit jeans are made for a true hourglass shape. They're perfect if you want to accentuate your curves without sacrificing comfort (uh, hello!). Available in Mid Rise and High Rise options these jeans are designed specifically for curvy women offering a little extra shape through the hip and thigh. And you won't have to worry about that annoying back gap – we adjusted the waistband so that won't happen. All of this, plus the special stretch denim that molds to your curves, make these a great selection for curvy women everywhere.

Which jeans keep you covered without slipping down?

We're all familiar with those jeans that look great when you slide them on in the morning but by mid-day are slipping and sagging around your waist, instantly taking your look from chic to shabby. That's exactly why we've worked so hard to ensure our Lands' End jeans keep their shape all day long. Made from denim with excellent stretch and recovery, you don't have to worry about our jeans getting saggy before you're done wearing them. Just think of all the time you'll save not standing over the dryer waiting for your jeans to bounce back to that flattering fit you love.

Don't suffer through another day in sub-par denim. Shop today for a great fitting pair of jeans.


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