Comfy Outfit Ideas That Are Work-From-Home Appropriate

4 Comfy Outfit Ideas That Are Work-From-Home Appropriate

As much as we love grabbing a cup of coffee with a colleague or the ease of swiveling around to a teammate to solve a problem, working from home definitely comes with its perks. When our commute is just down a set of stairs or across a hall, it means we can hit the snooze button a few extra times. While team lunches can be energizing, homecooked meals at lunchtime can feel extra nourishing. Plus we have the ability to actually control the temperature rather than freezing in an office all day, no matter the season. The list could go on, but the biggest perk of all might just be the work-from-home wardrobe upgrades. The comfy factor that comes with working from your home office is nothing short of bliss.

That said, it's important to keep in mind that working from home isn't an excuse to wear cozy pajamas all day. Trust us, we absolutely love a lazy weekend spent entirely in our favorite PJs, but when it comes to office hours, it's important to still dress the part. You never know when you'll get invited to an unexpected client meeting or when your boss will FaceTime you for an update on a project. Beyond that, how we dress during the workweek has a huge impact on how we feel during the day and can impact our productivity and self-esteem. The key to a perfect work-from-home outfit is balancing comfort with professionalism. Read on for some ideas for outfits that'll have you ready to tackle whatever the day brings without sacrificing comfort.

If You Have Video Meetings

If your job includes lots of video meetings throughout the day, then comfy jersey dresses are essential. An easy, comfortable dress with a collar and quarter-length or full-length sleeves is perfect for video meetings because you'll look dressed up and work-appropriate, but it'll feel like you're wearing your favorite women's nightgown.

If the nature of your video meeting is a little more formal, add a women's blazer and a simple pair of earrings to your look. That way, you can easily hang the blazer on your chair between meetings and bring your A-game once the video starts. We love the idea of a comfy dress for a video-heavy day because you don't have to stress about picking out bottoms. And while the video will likely only show you from the shoulders up, we've all heard horror stories about people who come to video meetings unprepared in the pants department. If it's a chillier day, wear comfortable leggings that work with the color of the dress.

If You Need an Energy Boost

There's something so dreamy about the comforts of home. While being comfy is part of what makes home feel like home, this can be challenging during a busy work week. One minute you might be replying to an important email, and the next minute, you might find yourself inches from your cozy bed wondering, "How did I get here?" Because of this double-edged sword, it's essential that you keep your energy up throughout the day. Going on walks around the neighborhood or sipping on a fresh green smoothie are tricks of the trade, but taking a moment to stretch or even do a fifteen-minute workout or yoga session can make you feel significantly more effective and productive.

With this in mind, the right pair of women's yoga pants paired with a sweatshirt tunic or an open-front cardigan sweater layered over a nice, solid color tee is definitely a WFH outfit win. This ensemble can make the transition from a sleepy workplace slump to a much-needed exercise break feel effortless while still ticking the boxes of both comfy and video-call ready.

If Your Work Dress Code Is Business Casual

If your work dress code is pretty laid-back, you'll want to assemble a rotation of easy work from home outfits that are still clearly delineated from your weekend loungewear. This separation of comfy WFH clothes and lazy day lounge clothes is key for ensuring you feel sharp and ready for work during office hours. For a perfect comfy WFH outfit for a business-casual job, opt for a crew neck long sleeve in a solid color or cute pattern, like floral or checkered. Pair your crewneck with some "sweats" disguised as slacks. These sweats have similar hems and pockets to your standard work slacks but are way comfier. Just ensure you opt for a color that dresses your outfit up a bit so you can easily separate these from your most lived-in weekend sweats or PJ bottoms.

If Your Work Dress Code Is Business Professional

For workplaces that lean more toward the business professional dress code, you'll need to step your WFH outfits up a bit. That said, with the right attire, you can still indulge in that work-from-home comfy factor we all deserve. The trick is to pick outfits that look professional and can be easily dressed up for video calls, and prioritizing those options that are made from comfortable or stretchy materials. For bottoms, go with comfy pants for women in a professional cut and color with an elastic waist. Pair these pants with a cashmere sweater layered under a blazer or over a collared shirt. You can add or remove layers as the day goes on for maximum comfort, but always keep your layers nearby in case a video conference is unexpectedly added to your calendar.

These are just a few outfit ideas that'll have you feeling refreshed and workday ready without sacrificing comfort! Once you have these essentials in your closet, you can start building on these looks with fun accessories and, of course, the plushest slippers available.


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