Add These Comfy Touches to Your Home for the New Year

Add These Comfy Touches to Your Home for the New Year

With the New Year comes new everything: new resolutions, new attitudes, new goals, and maybe even a new you. It’s also a great time to take stock of your surroundings and check to make sure they’re still working for you. For example, is your bedroom cozy, or do you have difficulty falling asleep? Does your entryway invite you in or make you want to turn back around? Does your living room make your family want to gather together, or does it make everyone want to hibernate in their bedrooms alone? Home décor is important, especially when you’re spending more time than ever at home. But it is easy to become bored with your surroundings. The new year marks a great opportunity to take a look around and add some touches that make you feel comfortable and safe. Here are just a handful of recommendations to consider.

For the Entryway

As soon as you enter your home, you should feel like you’re in your own special space where the outside world can’t creep in and stress you out. You should feel a sense of warmth, which may come in different forms, depending on people’s taste. For example, some people are minimalists and feel happy when there is no clutter. Others like little nicknacks and personal touches that mean something special to them. For those who are somewhere in the middle, it might simply take something like a few family photos or a favorite painting on the wall. Or, maybe a new personalized doormat will make you feel more at home. Regardless of your style, take a look at the immediate space that surrounds you when you walk into the house and assess how it makes you feel. Adding one or two small things like candles or a plant might be all you need.

For the Home Office

If you work from home, it can be difficult to separate your work life and personal life. This is made easier if you have a home office but can be difficult when you don’t have a designated space of your own. In the new year, consider creating a space for yourself that’s yours alone, even if it is just a corner of the kitchen or bedroom. Make it off-limits to everyone else, and try to make the area one that can easily be kept out of sight when you’re not working. For example, maybe you can hang an attractive curtain to separate your workspace from your living space. Even simply hiding your office supplies away in some attractive storage baskets might do the trick. Keeping your work equipment hidden away when you’re not on the clock is important for your mental and physical well-being, and it can certainly make your home look cozier.

For the Living Room

When people are asked where they spend most of their awake time at home, it is typically the living room, kitchen, or a combination of the two. One way to make the living room or den comfier is by adding some throw blankets to couches and chairs. Not just any old throw blanket will do, however. These days, blankets are made of fleece and plush materials that you can’t resist touching. They should look nice, too, and fit the décor of your home, whether in color or texture.

For the Kitchen

It might be difficult to make the kitchen look comfy considering all of the equipment and utensils that tend to be lying about. But keeping those utensils as tidy and organized as possible might be all you need to make the space look warm and inviting. Take a look at the items you don’t use much and either tuck them into a drawer or get rid of them. If you keep on the counter only the items you use most, the space will look more tidy and welcoming.

For Your Bedroom

Keeping with the same theme as the kitchen, a tidy bedroom is also a stress-free bedroom. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure your bedding is warm and inviting. Make the bed a focal point by making it look as warm as it feels. Flannel sheets are great because they not only look ultrasoft and warm, but they feel amazing against the skin. Add some throw pillows to the mix, and you’ll have a comfy looking bed that you can’t wait to jump into.

For the Pets

Don’t forget about your pets when making your home comfy in the new year. If you have a dog, take a look at its bed. Just like your mattress needs to be replaced over time, so should your dog’s. You can even have it personalized for that added cozy touch.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your home look comfy in the new year, and it doesn’t take much effort at all.

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