Comfy Pajamas You’ll Want to Live In

Comfy Pajamas You’ll Want to Live In

When you’re craving some comfort after a long day, slipping into some pajamas and relaxing can be just what the doctor ordered. There’s nothing like a brand new pair of never-been-worn PJs to make you want to stay in them all day long. When that previously untouched fabric first brushes your skin, it feels like it was made just for you. And when it fits just right, you feel like it’s a second pair of skin. If your pajamas have outstayed their welcome and aren’t as accommodating as they once were, it may be time to invest in some new ones. Here are our tips for finding pajamas so comfy, you’ll want to live in them.

Consider the Material

What might be comfy pajamas for one person will likely be different for someone else. After all, some people might like the smooth, sleek feel of satin, while others feel like it is too warm and constricting. Others might prefer linen, especially for summertime since it keeps you cool, although some won’t like the fact that linen can wrinkle easily. Cotton fans might prefer Supima cotton for its moisture-wicking abilities and overall comfort at any time of the year. If you’re particular about the type of fabric you prefer, start your quest for the comfiest pajamas by starting with the material. Then you can move on to style.

Consider the Style

In terms of style, you might prefer a nightgown, shorts and T-shirt combo, long pants and a long-sleeve T-shirt, or maybe the fancier type of pajamas with a monogrammed button-down top and matching bottoms. They all have their benefits. For example, nightgowns of today are different than the nightgowns you may have grown up with. Today, they actually make “nightgown dresses” that look so professional, none of your co-workers will notice that you’re still wearing your pajamas when you log in for your work-from-home video call in the morning.

Treat the Whole Family

Sometimes you feel better about hanging around all day in pajamas when everyone else in your house is, as well. After all, they can’t judge you if their nighttime pajamas have turned into daytime pajamas, too. So why not get them some matching pajamas for fun! Flannel is great for this purpose because it is so soft to the touch and is warm without being overheating. That means they’re great not only during wintertime but also when the A/C is on full blast and you just want to hang out watching Netflix all day long together. When choosing bottoms for the family, look for waistbands that not only have elastic but also a drawstring to make them fit just right. For tops, consider going the extra mile and personalizing them with their initials for fun.

What About Loungewear?

Loungewear lies somewhere between pajamas and real clothing. Think clothes that you might wear to run errands or to work from home in, but also comfy, too. You can sleep in women’s loungewear if you want to, but in the loungewear category, you’re likely to find leggings, bottoms with elastic waistbands, T-shirt dresses, hoodies and the like. In other words, you could fall asleep in them, but they might be too warm or have too much overall fabric for sleeping. In contrast, you’ll want your pajamas to be cooler so you don’t overheat at night, but they should also allow enough coverage in case the neighbors decide to strike up a conversation when you’re outside with the dog first thing in the morning.

Don’t Forget Your Feet

Whether you decide to just sleep in your new comfy pajamas or keep them on all day while relaxing, you’ll need something for your feet. Even in the summertime, walking around barefoot can make your feet feel dirty, and you don’t want to slide between clean bed sheets with dirty feet later on. Slippers and pajamas are best friends, after all, so consider a pair of new slippers while you’re at it. Even if they’re just flip flops, at least the soles of your feet will stay clean and soft come bedtime.

These days, there is more expected of us than of generations past in terms of our professional lives and family lives, to some extent. With all the pressure we put upon ourselves, it is important to have some simple pleasures to look forward to, to help us wind down and have a few moments of “me time.” And, believe it or not, changing out of your typical daytime attire and slipping into a new pair of comfy pajamas can really change your mindset and help you switch gears at nighttime. So, take a long bath, slip on your new PJs, plop yourself in front of the TV, or read a good book for an hour or so. You deserve it!


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