How to Have the Comfiest Christmas Morning

How to Have the Comfiest Christmas Morning

Mornings aren't everyone's favorite time. Sure, there are some morning people out there. They wake up to their first alarm, make time for hobbies before work, maybe even go for a jog while the rest of the world hits the snooze button. But, for many of us, mornings mean sleepy heads and overslept alarms. Except, of course, Christmas morning. 

Christmas morning is different. Whether you still believe in Santa or not (no judgement if you do!), waking up on Christmas morning is always exciting. Outside, it's chilly and quiet, and the world expects nothing of you today aside from spending time with family, eating all the sugar cookies, and unwrapping gifts around a crackling fire. Since this particular morning only comes once a year, it's important to embrace it, which calls for your coziest attire and surroundings. Read on for tips on how to have the comfiest Christmas morning ever. 

Create a Winter Wonderland

Having a comfy Christmas morning starts long before the morning itself. When thinking about your seasonal decor, go for a theme that will engage all of the senses. Once you have the tree decorated and the stockings hung on the mantel, you can easily foster even more Christmas spirit with the right lighting and scents. Look for soft white lights, like string lights or lanterns, that you can hang behind faux snow or pair with a pine garland to create a truly magical look. Or, opt for scented candles that bring light, warmth, and seasonal aromas to your space. Scents like Fraser fir or snickerdoodle will do the trick, while tea lights placed in mason jars can create a festive effect in any room of the house. Simple decorating ideas like this can do wonders when it comes to setting the stage for the best Christmas morning yet. 

Wake Up on the Right Side of the Bed

Christmas morning starts the moment you wake up, so put some measures in place to ensure you're waking up ready to embrace the day. If you use a phone alarm, set a festive Christmas tune as your alarm clock tune for the day. Or, if you know that your kiddos will be running in to wake you up long before your alarm goes off, hide some small treats like candy canes in your room to send them on a scavenger hunt first thing in the morning (this is a win-win because it'll set the tone for the day while also buying you a few more minutes of shut-eye). Enjoying your bed and your bedroom on Christmas morning is key for a successfully comfy day, even if the real action takes place around the tree.

Another great way to start the day right is with cozy Christmas bedding. Magical materials and festive fabrics are sure to set the stage for a comfy and joyful Christmas morning, so grab a velvety flannel sheet set with a pine tree pattern, or opt for a comforter in winter plaid. 

Bring the Comfy With You

Now that you've set the tone for a comfy Christmas with a wake-up call equal parts cozy and festive, it's time to head to the living room to open presents (well, after a pit stop to make coffee, of course). Just because you're leaving bed doesn't mean the bed has to leave you. It is Christmas morning, after all! You can achieve maximum levels of comfy by wrapping yourself in a Christmas cocoon. All you need is the right throw blanket. Christmas throws come in a range of festive options, like plaid knit and printed fleece. No matter what style you choose, the technique is simple: grab your throw, wrap it over your shoulders, and float from room to room enveloped in comfort and cheer. 

Make the Morning a PJ Party

Lounging in pajamas is a tell-tale sign that you're doing Christmas just right. Give the gift of cozy on Christmas Eve and surprise everyone with matching family Christmas pajamas. Opening up the matching PJs on Christmas Eve will get everyone (yourself included!) in the mood to celebrate the next morning. Not only are matching pajamas an easy way to ensure you'll have the best photo ops all morning, but they're also a guaranteed way to have a comfy start to the day.

Sure, you might need to change into something a little more formal for Christmas dinner, but that's hours away - hours that include nothing but relaxing, sipping hot cocoa by the tree, and watching your favorite Christmas movies on repeat. And the only thing that beats those activities is enjoying them in your comfiest PJ sets. 

With these tips, you'll be sure to have the comfiest Christmas morning yet. Just don't forget to leave some cookies out for Santa the night before!


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