Comfy Big & Tall Outfits for Hot Days

Comfy Big & Tall Outfits for Hot Days

Summer days can get pretty toasty! You want to dress for the weather, but are there any guidelines you should know as a big and tall man? Here are some comfy big and tall outfits to keep you cool on hot days.

General Tips

First, just some things to keep in mind. Consider where you want attention to focus. You can use your outfit to draw the eye toward certain parts of you and away from others. We mostly do this using color. Darker colors conceal while lighter colors reveal. The thing is, it's summer, and you definitely don't want to be in something dark and heavy. If you prefer dark colors, you can find balance by focusing on lighter fabrics like cotton and linen. You might also try using white against a lighter shade of the dark color you like. For example, if you prefer blacks, try white and light gray as your color combination. If you prefer navy, try cream against a lighter blue.

The Boating Look

This look fits right in at the beach or on a boat. Opt for a navy collared big and tall dress shirt made of lightweight fabric. Both short-sleeved and long-sleeved work. If it is long-sleeved, roll the sleeves to your elbow. Undo the top few buttons to keep yourself cool. You can even work in a pattern on this top. Think vertical prints to lengthen you. When the eye is drawn up and down along a vertical line, it focuses attention on your height, which is great for big and tall guys. Pair this shirt or a similar navy t-shirt with white or cream shorts. For footwear, go with a pair of boat shoes or flip-flops. Both are easy to slip on and off and great for seaside excursions. Don't forget your sunglasses!

The One With the Shorts

If you were hoping to draw attention away from your torso, you can use big and tall shorts as your outfit's focal point. An easy way to do this is with patterns and prints. Go with vertically striped shorts in order to, again, emphasize your length. Then choose a shirt in one of the darker colors in the print. This will keep the focus on your lower half.

If you aren't a pattern person, try using the color of your shorts instead. A lot of guys tend to keep their pieces in neutral colors- but don't be afraid to shake up the standard with a pair of colored shorts. Consider dusty rose shorts with a blue shirt or light blue shorts with a gray top. You can even make that last combo work with a pair of light-wash cut-off big and tall jeans.

The Island Man

If you wanted some pattern up top, look no further than the Hawaiian shirt. A dark blue pattern with smaller components will do the trick, especially if you choose those white or cream shorts to wear with it. Do pay attention to the Hawaiian pattern. Bigger designs usually give the visual impression of a larger size. Typically, smaller prints with thinner lines and more delicate motifs are the way to go for those who are big and tall. Flip-flops and sunglasses complete this look.

The Chambray Ensemble

Chambray is a great fabric. It has the look of denim, but the weave makes it much more lightweight. Use a chambray shirt on a hot day to help yourself stay cool. This top works well on its own or as a casual overlayer for a white big and tall t-shirt. A white or light colored tee underneath an open shirt will create a thin column. This column pulls the eye to the center of you, drawing attention up and down and focusing on height rather than width. Complete this fit with white or cream shorts, a pair of sandals or boat shoes, and you're all set!

Now that you have some outfit ideas in your head and know how to use clothes to you're advantage, start playing around with different options. See what looks best on you and what you feel confident in. Whether these outfits follow the guidelines or not, those are the ones you want to be wearing this summer. Stay cool!


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