Comfortable Sleepwear That Can Help You Get Higher-Quality Sleep

Comfortable Sleepwear That Can Help You Get Higher-Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is the much-overlooked piece of the equation to overall health and well-being. If you want to take your health, productivity, and emotional well-being to a sustainable and optimal level, then perhaps it’s time to rethink your sleep. Many factors contribute to the quality of sleep you can get. Simple routine practices like avoiding screens after sunset, not drinking caffeine after 3 p.m., having a self-care ritual to wind down every evening, avoiding alcohol and big meals before bed, and getting ample exercise during the day are great ways to ensure that you are getting the high-quality sleep you need for the high-quality life you want to be living.

Setting aside all these factors, there is also the simplicity of having the right bedding, bed sheets, and sleepwear. Even if you set yourself up for success with all the right lifestyle adjustments and practices, if your bedding and sleepwear are uncomfortable, then you’re just not going to slip into that deep delicious sleep that we all need for proper rest, repair, and rejuvenation. We’ve compiled a selection of the best comfortable sleepwear that can help you get higher-quality sleep so you can meet all of your health and wellness goals.

Cotton Nightgown

For the ultimate feeling of freedom and old-school grace, the cotton nightgown is our favorite go-to sleepwear for optimal comfort. Cotton nightgowns come in many different designs, fabric weights, and styles, so you're sure to find the one that is best for you. For warm summer nights, there is nothing better than a lightweight cotton nightgown. Made from light and airy woven fabric, the cotton nightgown will give you the coverage and comfort you need to get a good night's sleep.

For cooler nights or winter sleeping, you can channel your inner Victorian lady and choose a cotton nightgown with thicker cotton, longer sleeves, and a higher neckline. These nightgowns, despite offering more coverage, are still very breathable, so you'll be able to stay cool while sleeping. They’re also perfect to come down the stairs wearing in the morning for an elegant and relaxed look while making coffee.

Linen Sleep Set

Sleep sets are a great thing. Cute, comfortable, and easy to wear to sleep or around the house, a good sleep set is one of our favorite sleepwear goodies that will help you get all those Zs. Fabric is of utmost importance when getting a good night’s sleep. Just like how a linen sheet set is ideal for summer sleeping comfort, so is a linen sleep set.

A sleep set is simply a fancy way of saying a pajama set that also makes the perfect chic loungewear. Sleep sets also tend to be a pair of comfortable shorts that come with a matching sleeping shirt. Linen is silky soft, breathable, and amazingly comfortable. More durable than cotton and as soft as silk, linen offers the optimum breathability and will have you perspiring 15 times less than sleeping in silk or cotton. Temperature is important for a good night’s sleep, and wearing a linen sleep set may be all you need to take your sleep quality to the next level.

Cotton Sleep Shirt

If you’re a no-frills kinda gal, then perhaps the cotton sleep shirt is for you. Literally like wearing a cloud, cotton sleep shirts are oversized shirts that are typically made from the softest and lightest weight cotton imaginable. Perfect for the woman who doesn’t like to make sleepwear a big deal but still wants something that offers a little coverage without skimping on comfort.

Some ladies don’t like the waistbands or buttons of classic pajamas and prefer a simple t-shirt for sleeping. If that’s you, consider upgrading your standard tee to a cotton sleep shirt for a more cloud-like sleeping experience. Sleep shirts are also often long enough that they can be worn around the house in the morning so you can take your deep sleep feels with you through the early hours of the day.

Flannel Pajamas

Like too much heat, too much cold can definitely disturb your deep sleep. The right temperature is a part of being perfectly comfortable for optimal sleep. While breathability is still important for cooler nights, you will also want to be warm and cozy. Flannel pajamas are super soft and fuzzy yet also still breathable, so it's our top choice for winter sleeping. Sip a cup of chamomile tea in your flannel PJs by the fire wind down before bed, and then crawl in between the sheets, ready for that deep sleep.

Silk Nightie

Feeling cute but still want something comfortable to sleep in? Silk nighties have been a go-to favorite for women for decades for that soft silky sleep that still feels glamourous. Silk offers warmth and breathability while being unparalleled in its softness. Providing both breathability and an insulating barrier between you and the surrounding temperatures, it actually is amazing for keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A nightie also gives you just enough, but not too much coverage, to better regulate your temperature so you can get a comfortable night’s sleep easily.

A good night’s sleep shouldn’t have to be a hard thing to come across. By prepping your space, adjusting your lifestyle, integrating and wind-down evening routine, and choosing the right comfortable sleepwear and bedding, you’re setting yourself up for total sleep success.


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