The Comfiest Jeggings for Everyday Wear

The Comfiest Jeggings for Everyday Wear

If comfort is your priority but you still want to look stylish, you can’t go wrong with jeggings. As the name suggests, the jegging is part jean, part legging. These pants have the finish of denim, but they stretch the way leggings do. There are so many ways to wear them, whether you choose to go casual or dressy. Keep reading to learn our jegging picks for spring, summer and beyond.

The Starfish Knit Jean Legging

Put on a pair of Starfish knit jean leggings for the ultimate in softness and stretch. Look for a fabric like cotton terry, which is comfortable and durable. One of the best things about this type of fabric is that it’s sturdy without being too heavy. You won’t feel as if you’re confined when you wear these jean leggings. Bend, stretch, run, jump — or stretch out on the couch for a movie marathon. No matter what you do, you’ll be comfortable and on-trend.

A wide elastic waistband is another feature to look for when shopping for jean leggings. This type of waistband is less likely to roll down, providing optimal comfort all day long without needing to be readjusted every time you move. These jeggings have plenty of stretch, but they also offer support. If you love a smooth, streamlined look, you’ll love these high-quality jeggings. You'll feel like you’re wearing a pair of super-soft jeans that move with you.

Casual Style for Various Sizes

Jeggings come in sizes to fit many people. You can wear jean leggings because they’re casual, comfortable, and go with lots of other wardrobe pieces. When you wear jean leggings, you should feel like you have a full range of motion. Choose jeggings that have a touch of spandex for the most comfortable fit.

How to Wear Knit Jean Leggings

Part of the appeal of jeggings is that there are so many different ways to wear and style jeggings. Tunic tops are a great option because the flowing look of a tunic contrasts against the fit of jeggings for a look that’s modern and trendy yet always flattering. Virtually any type of women’s tunic top can be worn with jeggings. If you want something a bit dressier, consider a button-up women’s blouse with a silky texture. A white blouse paired with denim leggings is a timeless look, especially when worn with ankle boots and classic accessories like a pearl necklace or a pair of understated stud earrings.

You can also wear jeggings with a tank top or T-shirt for an outfit that can go from a lazy day at home to a gym workout. Toss on a cotton cardigan and add a pair of riding boots for the perfect movie-date look. Speaking of sweaters, even pullover styles go well with jean leggings. You can even wear sweaters in the spring and summer, especially if you go for lightweight cotton fabric. Supima cotton is a high-quality option that coordinates with any style of jegging. It comes in multiple colors and prints, so it’s easy to find your favorite look.

On cool spring days, flannel shirts can be worn with jeggings for ’90s-inspired style. If you love the layered look, slip on a button-up flannel in tunic length over a fitted white tank top or short-sleeve top. If it gets too warm, you can take off the flannel and tie it around your waist for a laid-back look. Or, slip into a jersey knit cardigan for silky softness, ample coverage, and light warmth.

Other Jegging Styles

An alternative to the jean legging, or jegging, is the corduroy legging. While not technically jeggings, corduroy leggings have a similar look. The velvety ribbed texture of this pant style gives it a dressier look than your average jegging, so you can wear it to the office or out to dinner with the right kind of top. As with jeggings, it’s easy to dress up the corduroy legging with a women’s blouse.

Some leggings in this material are equipped with pockets so you can tote small items anywhere you go, which makes them as practical as your favorite pair of comfy women’s jeans. All kinds of footwear can be worn with corduroy. If you’re going casual, slip into your favorite trainers or a pair of flat moccasins. For a dressier look, wear leather riding boots or a pair of high heels.

Put together a polished look by wearing your favorite accessories with your jeggings. Whether you love the look of layered necklaces or have a go-to pair of hoop earrings, your existing pieces are ideal for dressing up a jegging-based outfit. There are no fashion rules when it comes to wearing jeggings and leggings, so wear what makes you feel best.


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