Cold Weather Accessories That Are Actually Stylish

Cold Weather Accessories That Are Actually Stylish

'Tis the season for piling on the layers before heading out into the cold. Before getting bulked up in your winter gear, you may find yourself wondering if there is a more sleek or stylish way to stay warm this winter.

We all know that piling on the winter accessories is the best, most sure-fire way to stay warm in the colder months, but we’re here to help you make just the right accessory choices, so you can stay cozy and warm while also looking chic and stylish without the extra bulk.

Gloves and Mittens and Hand-warmers, Oh My!

Winter gloves don’t have to be bulky or cumbersome to effectively keep your hands warm this winter. Many gloves and mittens are now made with lightweight but insulating microfibers to keep your hands and fingers warm without extra bulk.

Leather gloves are a classic alternative to bulky mittens for the ultra-fashion forward. While these gloves aren’t exactly meant for skiing or snowball fights, they do work well for keeping your hands safe from the elements for a romantic winter date night out, a day of Christmas window shopping, or a walk around the park.

Why We Love a Good Scarf Collection

Winter scarves are easily one of the most stylish and chic winter accessories that keep you warm. With so many different fabrics, patterns, shapes, and styles available, the winter wardrobe accessorizing possibilities are truly endless.

A cashmere scarf, for instance, combines maximum warmth and peak chic fashion. Equal parts practical and luxurious, utilitarian and modish, a cashmere scarf is simply a must-have for every winter wardrobe. This piece can easily be thrown on top of virtually any outfit you wear this winter.

What’s the Most Stylish Way to Keep your Head Warm?

You probably grew up hearing things like, “you must wear a hat outside in the winter because you lose the majority of your body heat through the top of your head!”. While it turns out this isn’t exactly true, keeping your head and ears covered during the coldest winter days is still essential. Not to mention the fact that good quality hats, beanies, and ear warmers, in addition to keeping you warm, can also be uber stylish.

A good winter hat is truly a must-have for those extra chilly winter days. If you are someone who just can’t stand wearing a hat or are worried about the dreaded hat-head effect on your hair, we recommend investing in some stylish ear muffs instead.

Keeping Warm and Staying Stylish During Your Workouts

Speaking of keeping those ears warm, what should you wear to stay both warm and stylish while keeping fit this winter? We recommend a pair of lightweight but cozy insulated fleece leggings, a fleece jacket, or a fleece vest, and a sporty-stylish ear muff headband. A good sporty fleece earmuff headband is the best winter workout accessory to help you keep warm, while also keeping stray hairs out of your face.

Keeping Warm at Home

When you’re settled in at home by the fire late at night, perhaps you’re not as worried about dressing to impress, but you still want to feel cozy and cute, even if it’s just for you. Invest in a thick, plush, microfiber robe to wear around the house this winter, and you’re sure to stay cozy while at home all season long.

Pair your at-home cozy robe with a pair of luxe winter slippers to keep your feet warm while padding around the house late at night or early in the morning. Your feet will thank you.

Stylish Winter Footwear and More

No discussion of winter fashion would be complete without mention of winter boots. Snow boots aren’t historically known for being the most stylish, but luckily there now are many sleek and fashionable options in the world of winter footwear. Calf-high or even knee-high leather boots are a great option for winter, as the extra coverage will do wonders to help keep you warm, while also appearing sleek and lengthening. (If you live in a very snowy climate, however, be sure to treat your boots with an appropriate sealant to protect the leather from slush and salt.)

In addition to getting yourself a pair of smart winter boots that beautifully walk the line between practical and chic, you will also want to invest in some good socks and perhaps even a pair of leg warmers for those extra cozy days.

Whether you’re heading out the door for a full day of winter wonderland fun, or you’re just running out to grab the mail and walk the dog, stay warm and stay chic out there.


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