Clothing Gifts Your Kids Will Love to Open This Christmas

Clothing Gifts Your Kids Will Be Happy to Open This Christmas

When it comes to clothing, children don't get nearly as excited about a new dress or pair of pants as an adult might. But that doesn't mean that you can't find creative ways to give clothing gifts to your kids this holiday season. Kids are messy and grow fast, which means their wardrobe needs constant attention. Tick off two things on your list this year with these unique ideas this holiday season.

Shopping for Toddlers Made Easy

If you've got little ones under four years old on your list, then gifting clothing is quite easy. When shopping for toddlers, opt for functional items that will see a lot of use, such as a toddler girl winter coat. If you can, purchase these items slightly larger, so the fast-growing little one on your list will get more use out of each gift. Toddlers typically are the most excited about ripping wrapping paper off of presents, so pack clothing items individually to bring more cheer.

Pick Exciting Prints

Use fun graphics and prints to make those kiddos smile. Think about their favorite things and try to find fun clothing that fits that theme. For example, does your little one love outer space? Or maybe ponies? Shop a wide array of shirts to find a fun pattern that brings their favorite things right to them. Pair one with boys pants or girls leggings for a complete outfit that highlights a few of their favorite things.

Grab Their Attention with Their Favorite Colors

Another way to spice up gifting kids' clothing is to purchase functional items in their favorite color. Using colors not only helps encourage them to actually wear whatever you've bought, but it can also be an educational opportunity as well, especially for the younger kiddos. Have them guess or spell their favorite color before they open the gift. Make it fun by including little candies, stickers, or other small, affordable items with the gift.

Make Gifting a Game

Instead of having a whirlwind of presents being opened, extend the holiday by creating a scavenger hunt. Use the clothing items as well as the location of the gift as a clue. Have your kids hunt for the gifts around the house or make a guess before they open the present. Start with the smaller gifts first, sprinkling in various items of kids' clothing, and then lead up to the big gift. They will love the riddles and games, and they are sure to get giggly for the final surprise!

Use Clothing to Hint at Bigger Gifts

Instead of giving toys, fill your holidays with experiences the whole family will love. Theme your gifts for the year by purchasing clothing that hints at the big adventure. For example, gift kids'gloves and ask them to guess what the big adventure might be. The guessing game puts a fun spin on gifting clothing and makes the big event even more exciting.

Do Double Duty

When you're gifting clothing, make it more exciting by pairing up the clothes with small toy gifts. For example, give a bathing suit with a snorkel set or sand toys. You can either put both in the same box or wrap them individually and have your child guess the next gift. Think about clever ways to make gift baskets that add some excitement and imagination to gifting clothing.

Spruce Up School Uniforms

Winter break provides the perfect opportunity to spruce up a uniform wardrobe. School uniforms certainly won't be on any kid's gift list, but you can play a neat little trick that's guaranteed to put a smile on their face. First, buy that special must-have item for your child this season. Next, pick up some handy school uniform essentials and a box bigger than the two items. Submerge the coveted gift in the uniform clothing. (It helps if the box is big, so the child's imagination could run wild with what's inside.) Make that gift the last to be opened. At first, they will frown at the reminder of school, but after they move the clothing, they will reveal the only gift they ever wanted this season. It's a clever way to make a seemingly boring gift far more exciting this holiday season.

Gifting clothing to kids doesn't need to be either a nail-biting or neutral experience. Use creativity to make clothing a fun and engaging gift this holiday season. Use it to disguise that mega present, turn clothing items into guessing games, or bring their imagination to life with fun prints and patterns that remind them of their favorite things.


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