How to Know When It’s Time to Donate Your Clothes

How to Know When It’s Time to Donate Your Clothes

The changing of the seasons is always a good excuse to examine the state of your closet. At least twice a year, you need to evaluate the things you’ve got collecting dust in the corner and donate them to make room for fresh new pieces for your wardrobe. Donating your clothing not only extends the life of your clothes (ahem, so much better for the environment, ahem), but it also gives you more space to upgrade your lineup of favorite outfits.

Your Closet Is BURSTING

If you haven’t gone through your closet and donated old clothes in a while, buckle up because your going to need some time to comb through your threads. First, start by immediately getting rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past year. Got an army of black dresses? Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past 365 days. Next, toss anything that is worn out and can’t be donated in a recycling pile. This includes anything with unwanted rips, tears, and holes, well-worn undergarments, and bathing suits.

Now it’s time to get to work. With the remaining clothing, look at each piece and genuinely ask yourself if you still want to wear it. Take your favorite corduroy pants and ask yourself if these are still something you absolutely love. If the answer is meh, it fits funny or “it’s cute but …” immediately get rid of it. Now that your closet is much less cluttered, you have to make a pact with yourself. Every time you buy something new, one item gets donated. Create a donate pile and donate your gently used clothing whenever the pile gets big. That way you’ll never have more clothing than you need and you’ll always have some space in your closet.

Searching for Your Perfect Outfit Sounds Like a Chore

Another way to tell if you need to donate old clothing is if getting dressed has become a serious chore. If you can’t find your women’s workout pants without tearing through piles of other stuff, then it’s time to thin out the closet. On the flip side, if you find yourself constantly sliding hangers across your closet saying “eh, no, no, no” then consider doing a complete makeover. Donate virtually everything but the basics and start from scratch. Purchase the work dresses you want, not need. If you no longer do an activity or live in a certain climate, go ahead and get rid of the clothing that isn’t serving you. Trust me, you won’t miss that dusty winter coat in your new beach house.

You Don’t Feel Inspired by Your Closet

Sometimes your personality simply changes. Maybe styles that once inspired you no longer serve you. Perhaps you went from working full time at an office to deciding that the work-from-home life is where you want to stay. No matter what your story is, it’s okay to get rid of clothing you no longer need. Think of things like scrubs, dress pants, and other items. When you wake up and get dressed, you want to feel like your most authentic self. Style lets us show off our uniqueness, and styles from yesterday may not bring the same smile to your face. That’s okay! Simply donate these clothing items so someone else can feel the same joy you did. Update your closet with styles and clothing you like. If high-waisted shorts are your thing now, get rid of those hip huggers. Or if you tried a new style and didn’t like it, move on and donate your used clothing.

Undergoing a Major Life Change

Another big reason for a wardrobe update is a life change. Just had a baby? Donate those maternity clothes. Other moms-to-be will thank you! Moving, career changes, children, even just picking up a new hobby and stopping an old one can cause a wardrobe shift. Don’t hold on to old clothes and let them gather dust, instead breathe new life into them by donating them.

It’s Time to Update the Classics

We all have that amazing pair of women’s jeans you just can’t get rid of. But like everything in this world, seams wear out, clothing rips, and stains happen. You can donate these older pieces of clothing to clothing recycling centers. Sure, your favorite basic tank top may be threadbare, but those fibers can be ground down and turned into insulation. Recycling these clothes through donations lets them function differently. This doesn’t mean getting rid of those basic tunic tops for good. Follow up and replace these staple items with newer clothing that lasts. Invest in quality basics that will be able to keep up with your amazing lifestyle.

Donating clothes either to be resold or repurposed is an amazing way to help the environment and your local community. When it’s time to donate clothing, keep a critical eye so you can have a clutter-free life and only see your wardrobe faves every day. You’ll have a more uplifting style that shows off your unique personality.


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