Classy Christmas Outfit Ideas

Classy Christmas Outfit Ideas

Dressing for Christmas events is fun — between sparkly outfits, rich colors, fun prints, and cozy fabrics, it's a season meant for fashion. But, with all the options, it can be hard to pick what to wear to the Christmas parties on your calendar this season. We're here to help you answer your holiday outfit questions. Here are some outfit ideas you can wear to your upcoming classy Christmas parties.

A Little Black Dress

There's nothing more classic than a little black dress, and during the holiday season, you can put a festive spin on the look by adding specific accessories that make it pop. You can layer a sparkly cardigan on top of your go-to black dress or wear it with sparkly tights — you can even put on a pair of red or green tights!

You can wear a classic, solid-colored cashmere cardigan and a pair of ballet flats or low-heeled booties for something a little more understated. If you're attending a more casual Christmas season event, wear one of your button-up flannel shirts over the dress — you can put the flannel on and tie the bottom of the shirt at your waist instead of buttoning it.

A Chunky Turtleneck Sweater

Winter is the season for chunky turtleneck sweaters, so why not wear one this Christmas? Since they come in various colors, you can find your favorite option and wear it with a pair of high rise jeans, comfy black leggings, or a pair of cute plaid pants for an extra-festive look. For a low-key holiday look, wear a classic black or cream-colored turtleneck. For something more festive, go all out in red, green or a winter print like fair isle.

Not only will this outfit ensure you're stylish this holiday season, but it will keep you warm, too.

A Shirtdress

With a pair of tall leather boots and understated black tights, a shirtdress is a perfect item to wear to a holiday gathering — especially a shirtdress in a plaid print or fun leopard print; both are festive options for a party. Wear your shirtdress with block heels for a dressy look or trendy mules for something a little more casual but just as fashion-forward. The outfit is nice and comfortable, too, which is a plus at holiday parties where you'll probably be on your feet most of the evening and eating lots of good food.

A Sequined Blouse

Sequins aren't just for New Year's. They're for Christmas, too. For your upcoming holiday celebration, you can wear a sequined blouse tucked into a black skirt or a pair of high-rise black jeans along with classic high heels or a pair of classic ballet flats. It's an easy look for a work Christmas party or a fun and festive party at your neighbor's house. You'll be comfortable and cute in a fun, sparkly top.

A Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are all the rage recently, and for good reason – the single-piece outfit is easy to throw on with a pair of heeled booties or pumps and looks good on everyone, whether you're short, tall, plus-size or petite. They come in various colors, but it's probably best to wear a jumpsuit in black, navy, or deep red for a classy Christmas party. They're similar to dresses in that they can be dressed up or down but are a little more unexpected, making them potentially more fun for a party. Since your jumpsuit is an all-in-one-outfit, you'll just need some jewelry, some shoes and one of your long winter coats to make this outfit a total look.

Anything Velvet

Is there anything that screams "classy holiday" more than velvet in a rich jewel tone (like ruby, emerald, or plum)? We don't think so. Get some velvet if your goal is to achieve a classy look for your upcoming Christmas party. Depending on your preference, you can get a velvet dress, a velvet top, or a pair of velvet flats (for a more under-the-radar look) and wear your velvet with some more basic items — like black jeans with a velvet top or black leggings with a velvet dress. Next, wear your velvet with some sparkly earrings or a sparkly necklace and some exciting, mood-lifting makeup like sparkly eyeshadow and a red lip. This look is best for a dressed-up holiday party or a celebration with your girlfriends where you know everyone will come dressed in their best.

Now that your outfit is set for your upcoming classy Christmas party, you can focus on the important things: shopping for the gifts, baking tasty Christmas cookies, and decorating your home with pretty Christmas greenery. And you can feel good knowing your outfit is all set.


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