Classic Styles for Every Season

Classic Styles for Every Season

We love watching the seasons change. From the quiet, cozy days of winter to the scent of blooming flowers in spring, to the backyard barbeques of summer and the apple picking photo ops of fall, there’s something to love about each season. With such an array of seasonal activities cropping up for us to enjoy as the year progresses, we look to our own looks to allow us to embrace each season in style. Read on for outfit inspiration guaranteed to convey a classic look all year long.

Spring Essentials

There’s nothing quite like waking up on that first true spring day and stepping out into what feels like a new world. Flowers and trees will start to bloom, giving us hints of the warmer days ahead. The outfit we’ve outlined below is guaranteed to have you springing into this fresh season while looking like the classic icon you are.

This look is breezy, versatile, and a true classic. Start this outfit off with a pair of women’s cropped pants, either in chambray or seersucker, and pair these springtime essential bottoms with a white button-down. If you’re planning on tucking your top in, opt for a thin, simple leather belt, or leave the button-down untucked for an even breezier look. Add an open cardigan if you need an additional layer and complete this outfit with a pair of classic ballet flats. This springy, fresh fit is as effortless as it is classic.

Summer Vibes

Creating classic looks for summer is as easy as the long, warm days that make this season so special. Since we don’t have to worry about layering up, summer is a great time to showcase our favorite styles and classic fits. Below is a simple yet classic look that’s perfect for a backyard BBQ, a memorable picnic in the park, or wherever else your summer adventures take you.

This classic summer outfit looks great on every body type, so you can’t go wrong here. The bottoms are a pair of stylish high-waisted shorts, in either a floral print with a solid color top or classic denim with a vibrant print top. A tucked-in, short-sleeve button-down linen top looks great with high-waisted floral print shorts, and if you opt for classic denim bottoms, we recommend going with a patterned tunic top. This classic look can be paired with your favorite pair of leather or pleather sandals or slip-on sneakers and a subtle pair of earrings. We can hear those 4th of July fireworks already!

Fall Staples

Blue skies, crisp air, changing leaves, and the official start of sweater weather are just a few of the reasons to love this fall. Because this season is so easy to swoon over, we’ve chosen some autumnal styles that really celebrate this time of year. Opt for the look outlined here if you want to feel fall festive up until the time comes to pack away your Thanksgiving decor.

Fall is a time to truly embrace sweater weather and let your comfiest sweaters embrace you right back. For a classic fall style that’s both cozy and classic, opt for an earth-toned women’s sweater in a crew neck or V-neck cut, layered over your favorite collared shirt. We love the look of a patterned collar popping out over the nape of your sweater, but a classic white-collared shirt will work just as well. Complete this iconic fall combo with straight-leg jeans, your favorite booties, and either a midweight brushed wool coat or a classic trench coat.

Winter-Weather Ensembles

Winter is all about cozying up by the fire, getting ready for the holidays, and, if we’re lucky, catching a few memorable snow days as well. While it might feel like we live in our winter coats during this chilly season, the look below is an easy way to exude a classic style despite the drop in temperature.

This outfit starts with opaque tights with a high-waisted, below-the-knee, or knee-length button-up skirt in a material such as corduroy. Pair this stylish bottom combo with a tucked-in cashmere turtleneck sweater. Layer this under your favorite long winter coat and finish the look with your best boots. To accessorize, opt for a chunky necklace and a knit hat. This truly timeless winter look is a little more dressy, so if you’re hoping for something a bit more casual without losing that classic appeal, just swap out the tights and skirt for some crushed velvet or corduroy leggings.

With these classic styles in your wardrobe rotation, you’ll be looking your absolute timeless best all year long.

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