Christmas Outfit Ideas

Christmas Outfit Ideas

Christmas time is here! Along with decorating your Christmas tree, sprucing up the house with holiday scented candles, and indulging in some mint hot chocolate, what else can you do to get into the spirit of the season? Get your wardrobe on board, of course! You can have a little nod to the most wonderful time of the year in every outfit you wear. Here are some Christmas outfit ideas.

Christmas Basics

You gotta set the stage for those Christmas pieces to shine! Black and white are typically the best basics to set off a holly red or a dark green accent. Make sure your closet has both white and black women's sweaters and white and black tights so you can mix and match your holiday wear with a solid foundation that makes those Christmas colors pop. Finish by ensuring you have a pair of durable jeans you can layer over thermal pants to keep warm, and brush up those black and brown boots so you can traverse snowy conditions confidently.

A Christmas Dress

When you're searching your closet for what to wear, a dress is an easy one-piece outfit. This means the easiest festive ensemble is the Christmas dress. Choose a gorgeous berry red, A-line dress with a black belt or a warm burgundy sheath dress to showcase your holiday spirit. Those black boots we talked about look great with both these colors. If you want a pattern for your lovely dress, go for some combination of red, green, white, and black in your chosen plaid design. Add the color tights and boots that make sense and you have an outfit that's both merry and bright.

A Seasonal Skirt

A gorgeous skirt can be just the thing to Christmas-ify your outfit. Put a bright red wool skirt with a white cashmere sweater and white snowflake patterned tights for a show-stopping look. Add a bright red beret if you really want to go jingle all the way. The same combo works with a pine green skirt and a black sweater and tights. If you like the plaid look, do a red and black plaid skirt with a white cable knit sweater on top. Knee-high black boots and a red bow in your hair will complete this festive ensemble.

A Festive Top

If you want a more subtle Christmas look, go for that holiday women's blouse or sweater! A dark green turtleneck and jeans with some brown boots would make a delightful combination. Choose a statement necklace of multi-colored Christmas light gems or the Christmas scarf below if you want to ramp up the seasonal spirit. On the red side, choose a red sweater top with a black and white plaid skirt and pair the whole thing with black knee-high boots. Red ornament ball dangling earrings can add a little more holiday as well.

A Holiday Plaid Piece

Christmas plaids abound! So why not use them to give your wardrobe a little more Christmas? A white, red, and black plaid women's flannel shirt can technically be worn any time of year, but during the holiday season, it really pops as a Christmas piece. Add black pants, some Christmas earrings, and thick white socks peeking over the tops of brown boots and you have a perfect holiday cabin combination. Another great piece for your closet is a plaid women's winter vest. Put this over your white sweater and jeans, add a white hat and some boots, and you're ready for a Christmas hike or to chop down your very own Christmas tree.

A classic festive piece is the Christmas winter scarf. Make sure yours is full of reds, greens, whites, and blacks and you have everything you need to give a seasonal accent to any outfit. If you really want to welcome the Christmas season, put this scarf over your red Christmas dress or over a solid red or green Christmas sweater. For those who prefer a little more subtlety in their holiday wear, scarves are great for adding just the right festive touch to a basic outfit. This scarf works with both black and white sweaters combined with blue jeans on the bottom. Add black or brown boots to your ensemble and you're Christmas-ready!

The Christmas Sweater

Can we talk about Christmas outfits without mentioning the Christmas sweater? Of course not! Most sweaters are loud enough that they demand the center of attention in an outfit, but you can also layer it with a collared shirt and pair it with jeans if you want something beyond the "sweater alone" look.

Now that you have some great Christmas outfit ideas, see what your closet has and what pieces you may want to pick up that can help you put together your own festive style.


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