Christmas Lounging Outfits

Christmas Lounging Outfits

Christmas is almost here, and we are getting ready for all the joy and festivities. But, choosing a Christmas outfit can be a challenge. It’s the one day of the year we get to look super festive yet feel amazingly comfortable. Everyone has different traditions and plans for how they spend their Christmas. Some spend the day in pajamas unwrapping gifts. Others sit down to Christmas lunch with their family and friends. Some get ready to go to that big Christmas dinner and enjoy the party. But, if you’re one to be at home enjoying the good vibes and food, then you’re probably looking for something that is lounge-friendly. Christmas lounging outfits should be festive, flattering, and comfortable for spending the day relaxing at home with family and eating good food. Here are some top picks for Christmas lounging outfits for you and the family to enjoy wearing.

Christmas Pajamas

One of the best American family traditions for Christmas is Christmas pajamas. Whether covered in snowflakes and reindeer or simple red and green plaid, Christmas pajamas are a top choice for how to spend Christmas Day lounging around the house. Of course, our favorite pajamas for Christmas Day are flannel. Even if you choose to opt-out of the holiday theme, wearing flannel pajamas around the house on Christmas is one of the best ways to enjoy the holiday.

Take your Christmas pajamas to the next level with matching Christmas pajamas. Matching Christmas pajamas has become a Christmas tradition for many families. Everyone in your family gets a set of comfortable and cozy flannel pajamas with matching holiday prints and colors. Wear them together while opening presents under a tree for a special and fun-filled family moment that everyone is sure to love.

Flannel Robe

Make your Christmas Day outfit feel laid-back and lounge-worthy with a flannel robe. Flannel robes are the perfect lounge item to wear on Christmas morning. Comfortable, cozy, fuzzy, and festive, it doesn’t really matter what else you’re wearing because the robe makes the outfit. While any flannel robe will do, you can definitely make your robe more festive by choosing a Christmas-inspired robe to wear during the day. Flannel robes aren’t just warm and comfy—they can also be festive and decorative. Choose a flannel robe with Christmas colors and plaid or tartan design for the perfect lounge piece to wear all day long.


If you’re feeling like something a little more dressy than pajamas, keep it comfortable but dress it up a notch with loungewear. Loungewear is a stylish and relaxed option for those looking for a Christmas Day outfit to get comfy in while also wearing something that can be more aligned with your personal taste. Luckily, loungewear is a whole segment of the fashion world these days and can be passed off as a real outfit, despite being comfortable and lounge-inspired. If you need something that looks dressier but still feels like pajamas, loungewear is your ticket. Make your loungewear festive by selecting fabrics such as velvet and silk to look a little more snazzy for the holiday. We love the look of red, green, or blue velvet lounge sets that are perfect for feasting, socializing, lying on the couch, or just chilling under the Christmas tree.

Sweater Dress

Make your Christmas Day lounging even more stylish and sophisticated with a comfortable and fuzzy sweater dress. Sweater dresses are one of our favorite winter staples because of how easily they can be dressed up or dressed down. Wear all morning lounging around the Christmas tree only to style with a pair of nice boots and a blazer for that Christmas dinner later on. Easy, effortless, and classic, the sweater dress is the perfect choice for what to wear while lounging on Christmas Day. Wear over a pair of knit tights, leggings, or stockings for a fashionable and comfortable outfit choice. Make it even more festive by choosing holiday colors such as red, green, and gold to make your sweater dress feel even more Christmasy.

Lounge Dress

Lounge dresses make the perfect outfit for Christmas. Not only are they comfortable and great for wearing around the house, but they are flattering and more dressy for those who want to look and feel good for the holidays. Lounge dresses are perfect for parties, presents, feasting, and simply relaxing by the Christmas tree.

We love Christmas-inspired lounge dresses with long sleeves and hemlines to really feel cozy for winter. Choose reds and greens to feel festive and perfectly dressed for the holidays. Opt for tartans and velvets to really feel on-theme for the Christmas holidays. We also love lounge dresses because they are flattering but give us the comfort and space we need to stretch out and enjoy all those rich holiday foods without feeling constricted or squeezed.

Oversized Knits

Get cozy for Christmas with your favorite oversized knits. Whether it be a pullover sweater, a boyfriend sweater, or a slouchy cardigan, oversized knits make great Christmas lounging outfits. While we don’t have to go the ugly Christmas sweater route, there are definitely flattering and stylish sweaters that can capture the feels of Christmas without looking gaudy and obtrusive. We love chunky knit and oversized sweaters worn over leggings or soft and lightweight cashmere sweaters and cardigans worn over your Christmas outfit. Opt for blues, creams, burgundies, and forest greens for some extra holiday cheer. Another great option is alpine sweaters. These feel just like Christmas and are perfect for lounging around the house while still looking and feeling great.

When choosing what lounging outfits to wear for Christmas, be sure you look festive as well as feel comfortable and cozy to fully enjoy and celebrate the holidays.

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