Christmas Gifts for Your Outdoorsy Mom

Christmas Gifts for Your Outdoorsy Mom

Some people on your Christmas shopping list are probably pretty easy, like the uncle who just wants a pair of nice wool socks every year or the nephew who begs for the hottest new video game. When it comes to your mom, though, you want your gift to be special to remind her how much she means to you. Year after year, you can start to run out of ideas!

If your mom is the type to plan her adventures for the great outdoors, from mountain biking to snowshoeing to trail running, she’s probably looking for a gift she can really use. That’s why this holiday season, we recommend getting your on-the-go mom a practical gift. You can keep it fun by choosing a bold colorway or pattern, or you can make it sweet and memorable with personalization.

We’ve got some ideas to help you find a thoughtful gift for your outdoorsy mom that will keep her comfortable, and most importantly, doing what she loves all winter long.

A Pair of Long Underwear

This winter, everyone will probably be spending a little more time outside than usual, whether it’s with long walks at a favorite park, hitting the ski slopes, or simply grabbing coffee at an outdoor cafe. Your mom is probably no exception. We predict that a great pair of long underwear will be even more essential than ever as we all stretch out our time outside during the chilly months.

When those temperatures dip below freezing, your mom will be thanking her favorite child who had the foresight to gift her women’s long underwear. She’ll appreciate that you’ve thought to keep her extra cozy from the inside out. If she’ll be working up a sweat on the trails or slopes this winter, opt for a wool blend to wick away moisture and keep her dry.

A Fleece Pullover 

If your mom can’t get enough time outside, whether it’s a strenuous hike or a short walk around the neighborhood with the family dog, she knows the importance of a good layering plan! Layering is key when heading out for a day outside, especially if your mom lives in a climate with variable weather. It could be sunshine one minute and rainclouds the next. If she’s got the basics like long underwear, a mid-layer, and a coat covered, consider gifting her with a midweight jacket to throw in her backpack or tie around her waist just in case. 

Your mom will be all set for her next adventure with a women’s fleece jacket in her favorite color. If she loves to stand out in a crowd, choose a patterned style to add some flair. 

A Fluffy Down Coat or Jacket

For the intrepid mom who won’t let the weather get in her way, you can help her stay warm without being weighed down. Your mom probably prioritizes comfort and mobility for all her outdoor activities, so she’ll appreciate something flexible and versatile. A women’s down coat or jacket accommodate any weather, from sub-freezing temperatures and snowstorms to brisk wind and rain.

Choose a length and weight based on her activity level and the climate where she lives. If she needs to move her legs, go shorter. If she needs that extra warmth from head to toe while the winter wind bites at her heels, a longer coat will do the trick. If she lives somewhere that doesn’t get that cold, an ultralight version will be most welcome.

A Winter Hat

When you were a kid, your mom probably chased after you with a hat whenever the temperatures dipped. It’s because she knows what they say — if you can keep your head warm, you’ll be able to withstand the cold longer, and you’ll even prevent extreme situations like hypothermia. If your mom’s constantly heading out the door for her next activity, make sure she takes care of that noggin. 

Show her you’ve got a good head on your shoulders by gifting her a winter hat. If she’s going to be doing something strenuous like running or cross-country skiing, consider earmuffs or a headband instead.

A Pair of Slippers

Anyone who loves spending time outside will tell you that recovery is just as important as getting that heart rate up. When your mom gets home, she’s probably getting in a long stretch and grabbing her most comfortable clothing to rest, relax, and recuperate from her long day. That’s why we’re loving women’s slippers for your active mom. 

After a day outside, who wouldn’t want to curl up by the fire or in front of the TV with a pair of cozy slippers? Help her get extra comfy with sherpa lining or extra personal with monogramming. 

No matter which gift you land on, your mom’s going to be thrilled with your choice, and she’ll be touched that you kept her hobbies in mind. With ideas this simple, you can check one more thing off your holiday to-do list. So go ahead, grab those boughs of holly and start decking the halls.

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