Best Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas Crafts for Kids

There's no time that’s more festive than the Christmas season, which means there are lots of fun and engaging crafts your children can do throughout the holiday season. Plus, some of these activities can help you and check some things off your Christmas to-do list! How’s that for a win-win?

Here are some fun and thoughtful craft ideas for kids this Christmas.

Make Ornaments

Making ornaments for the Christmas tree is one of the quintessential crafts of the season. Get your kids some craft paper, glue sticks, glitter, pom poms, etc., to make fun and festive Christmas tree ornaments. They can start by making paper snowflakes, paper snowmen, paper Santa Claus, or ornament-shaped paper gifts.

For kids feeling crafty or inspired, they can create a garland using colorful paper or popcorn or dried oranges for an added challenge. You can also add some pinecones and popsicle sticks to their craft pile and let their imagination go wild as they make exciting ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Cookie Decorating

All you have to do is make some festive-shaped Christmas sugar cookies (they can be break-and-bake, we won’t tell), and your kids will have fun for hours. Get plenty of frosting and sprinkles, and let your kids decorate holiday sugar cookies all afternoon. You can even use these cookies to share a dose of festivity with your neighbors — dress in your Christmas sweater and deliver these homemade and home-decorated cookies to your neighbors. Or you can also just cozy up at home and arrange your kids' masterpieces on a holiday plate and share them with your family.

Decorating the Home

If you’re someone who waits until the last minute to decorate the tree or your home, task your kids with decorating as a fun, hands-on craft activity while they’re off from school. Break out the ornaments and lights and have your kids decorate the tree (with their one-of-a-kind flair) while grooving to Christmas music. They can also decorate the mantle with stockings, light-up holiday decor, garland, or whatever you may have. Your kids are bound to be proud of the festive space they’ve decorated, too.

You can even have your littles put on their kids’ fleece jackets and head out to decorate the outside of the home too — like lights in bushes and garland on the porch—just have them leave the Christmas décor that requires a ladder to the adults.

Card Making

This activity is not only a fun Christmas craft, but it’s also a thoughtful activity for any child. Have your kids make Christmas cards for family and friends — they can design and decorate them how they like while also writing a sweet holiday message for the card receiver. Your kids can make cards for their siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors... and even you! It's a great way for them to get in the holiday spirit, be creative, and share their love with their family!

Gingerbread House-making

Making gingerbread houses are a classic Christmas activity for kids and a time-intensive one at that. Depending on how complicated you want to get, you can bake the gingerbread house yourself or, for an easier option, purchase a gingerbread kit from your local grocery store. No matter what you choose, you can arm your kids with icing, gumdrops, sprinkles, peppermints, candy canes, and more, so they can create their dream candy wonderland.

Once your kids are done, you can display these gingerbread houses on the mantle or the kitchen windowsill or simply let your kids eat the sweet treat for dessert. Make sure they’re dressed in kids’ clothes that are OK to get a little messy during this sugar-filled activity.

Wrap Presents

While your children certainly shouldn't wrap their own Christmas gifts, it's great to involve them in wrapping gifts for grandparents, neighbors, and even teachers. The gift receiver is bound to be happy to receive a gift wrapped with love by your children. Plus, your kids will be proud to give away a gift they wrapped all on their own — just be sure to use kid-friendly scissors when doing this craft.

There are lots of ways to help your kids get into the Christmas spirit, and one of the major ways to do so is by having them take part in Christmas crafts! No matter their interest — whether it’s baking or decorating — there's bound to be a Christmas craft that'll be fun and engaging for them this upcoming holiday break.


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