Chic Ways to Style Your Bedding

Chic Ways to Style Your Bedding

Looking to refresh your bedroom but don’t know where to start? Check out these 10 chic ways to style your bedding.

Read the Room

Before focusing on just your bedding, take a look at the rest of the room. What is your current theme, and how will your bedding tie into the rest of your room? It’s not just the four walls around you. Take a look at your ceiling, also known as the fifth wall in the room. Is it currently a flat white surface? Consider painting it with a toned-down version of your favorite color or adding wallpaper with your favorite pattern.

Nice and Simple

You don’t have to spend a lot of time, money, or effort on all of the nitty-gritty to make your dream bedding come true. If you prefer a minimalist style, then keep it nice and simple. Dive in that hygge lifestyle. Go with shades that are soothing and restful. Think gentle blue hues, a calming lavender, or a green that will transport you into nature. These soft pastels will help set the bedroom mood.

Pillow Talk

You can never have too many pillows. Pile up on the fluff and enjoy all the different types and sizes of pillows. Throw pillows should be durable and comfortable to last over time. Opt for pillowcases or shams with designs that tie into your bedding’s theme. Shams instead of pillowcases can actually give a more polished look compared to the standard pillow sheet.

A Solid Foundation

Ask yourself what you want the core of your design to be. Then ask yourself how all the other parts of your room will fit around it. With all of the fun, new bedroom accessories you’re getting, you’ll need to leave room for easy movement around the bed. Have a couple of feet between the mattress and other lower furniture around, like dresses and side tables.

Layers Upon Layers

Don’t be afraid to layer up. The most important thing is that you have a solid base of comfort. Start with soft sheets to elevate your experience, and then add on throws or quilts to bring that extra texture or warmth. Tuck the bedsheet neatly into the corners. Add a linen sheet as the next layer, followed by a duvet with a duvet cover or comforters on top, and then, finally, a throw for that final touch of sophistication.

Design Your Theme

Choose a theme that matches your personality. Have a bold design and build around it. For example, say you like florals. You can start with a floral design with your sheets and then have green walls or green plants surrounding your room. Want to go nautical? Have pillows that have anchors on them and paint your room blue. The possibilities are endless.

Have Fun With It

On the flip side, you don’t have to go all monochrome. You don’t have to have that quiet minimalism to feel like you’re luxurious. You can have fun with your sophistication. No hard and fast rule says you have to stick to one theme. If you want to mix nautical with flora and fauna, then go for it. The key is to make a space that you’ll love coming home to every day.


If you’re going to be getting new items for your bedroom, you’ll need to think about additional storage space for all those extra blankets, pillows, and sheets. A seagrass bin with inset handles bodes well as a storage item for tall items or laundry. This bin is woven seagrass shaped around a strong metal frame. It’s also quite aesthetically pleasing. Seagrass baskets are made from a natural material that, when harvested, plaited, and woven, dries out as a lightweight, rigid—and easily renewable—wood substitute.

Nooks & Crannies

Don’t just look at the bed in your bedroom. Check out places for nooks and crannies to add your flair to. You can create an intimate lounging or reading area for yourself. You don’t need a formal nook to do so. You can build a window sweat under your bedroom window. Have a comfortable chair and footstool at the end of your bed.

Everyday Luxury

Want to know the secret to everyday luxury? Think about the last time you stayed in a hotel room that somehow felt like home or stayed in a place that truly wowed you. It’s all in the details. This means tucking in the old-school hospital corners. Making sure the tags in the pillows and mattresses aren’t sticking out. Adding that extra fleece throw at the end of the bed. If your bedroom was a hotel room, how would you want it to look?

Your bedroom should be an escape for you at the end of the day. Time to put away the cell phone, turn off the TV, and sink into some cozy sheets. Once your new bedding is designed to your liking, you’ll love going to sleep in your everyday piece of paradise.

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