How to Care for Comfy and Chic Materials

Comfy and Chic Materials; How to Care for Them

Choosing clothing made of materials that are both chic and comfortable offers the best of both worlds. Discover versatile styles that feel as good as they look, and learn how to care for them properly so they can be worn time and time again and still look as good as new. A little insight into your favorite comfy fabrics will make a big difference in helping to make them last.

How to Choose the Best Materials

When considering materials for your wardrobe, there are a few factors to think about. The first is quality. By choosing high quality fabrics, you can be confident that they’ll be more comfortable, have an attractive drape, and last longer. From ultra-soft Supima cotton to durable and cozy synthetic fabric blends, there are lots of options in quality fabrics to consider.

Some fabrics, like certain types of wool in women’s wool sweaters or other garments, provide lots of warmth for cooler weather without weighing you down, while other fabrics, such as linen, are light and breezy for the hotter months. Wrinkle-resistant fabric blends for button-down work shirts will have a polished look without the work, while a peasant-style cotton blouse might have a more casual feel.

Cashmere for Ultimate Style and Comfort

One of the best materials when it comes to comfort and style is cashmere. Incredibly chic and known for its luxurious look and feel, styles like cashmere sweaters for women are perfect for everyday outfits, workwear, and special occasions. This versatile and surprisingly durable material feels ultra-soft and has an elegant appeal that works with all your favorite pants, women’s jeans, and skirts. One of the best aspects of high-quality cashmere is that it actually feels softer over time.

To care for cashmere, first check the instructions. While many cashmere items can be hand washed, others may need to be dry cleaned. To hand wash cashmere correctly, fill a sink, tub, or basin with lukewarm water and a small amount of detergent designed for delicate fabrics. Use a no-rinse detergent, or refill the tub with cool water to rinse. Gently remove excess water, and lay the item flat on a drying rack or clean towel to air dry. Use a sweater comb or shaver to remove any pilling that develops over time (though this should be minimal with high-quality cashmere). Store cashmere loosely folded on a shelf or in a drawer, away from rough items to prevent snags.

Lovely Linen Looks

Linen is a cool, beautiful, and favorite fabric, especially for the summer months. This fabric is designed to be light and breezy. Its carefree, easygoing look adds an effortless vibe to any outfit, whether its worn as a shirt, jacket, or pants. Linen also becomes softer over time. Many linen items can be machine washed, but be cautious of the temperature. Cool to lukewarm water is generally OK, but water that is too hot could potentially shrink linen. If the garment’s care instructions allow, tumble dry on a low setting, or air dry the item and iron on the lowest setting possible as needed to maintain a crisp yet breezy look.

Soft and Stylish Supima Cotton Is One of the Best

Supima cotton is known as one of the best cotton fabrics ever, and for good reason. Not only is this fabric attractive and durable, it’s also supremely comfortable. You can find it in styles like turtlenecks, T-shirts, tunics, and much more. The long fibers of Supima cotton provide ultimate comfort, plus it has a smoother feel and is designed to last longer than other types of cotton. Caring for Supima cotton tops and other items is simple when you know how. While checking the label is key, you can wash many Supima cotton items on the gentle cycle in the washing machine, or hand wash them. Use cool or lukewarm water, according to the care label and the color of the fabric, and a gentle detergent. If an item gets a stain and can’t be washed right away, spot-treat it as soon as possible to prevent lasting damage. Air drying apparel items made with Supima cotton is a good choice, but depending on the specific item, you may be able to tumble dry it on low in the dryer as well.

Cotton Blends Offer Easy Care and Fabulous Looks

Many tops and bottoms are made with fabrics that are a blend of other materials, such as rayon, spandex, or more. These blends can help retain shape, provide softness, or offer additional stretch. Cotton blends are materials that not only feel great and look fabulous but they offer general easy care options as well. Most cotton blends can be machine washed, but make sure to check the care label on the specific shirt, pants, or other garment. Wash on the warmest water allowed for the item with a gentle detergent, spot treating any pills or stains in advance to prevent them from setting in. You can generally tumble dry cotton blends on a low to medium setting, and iron as needed.

Synthetic Fabrics Can Be Sophisticated and Feel Incredible

Many synthetic fabrics are winners in the style department because they have a beautiful drape and keep everyone cool and comfortable. These are typically easy-care fabrics that can be machine washed and dried according to the care labels, but many pieces are also lightweight and can be air dried quickly with ease. Synthetic fabrics are often wrinkle-resistant as well, so you can easily have wash and wear looks that are a fabulous part of your wardrobe.

Chic and Comfy Materials That Stand Up Over Time

Choosing materials that are both comfy and stylish is key. From work to leisure time, having clothing that feels good and looks attractive will help you face every situation with confidence, comfort, and style. Care for them correctly, and it will go a long way in helping you have a wardrobe you love.


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