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Chance of Showers

No bath? No problem. 2023 will be all about the elevated shower routine. Let's turn shower time into a ritual with DIY body scrubs, ambiance, essential oils, and ultra-soft towels. You don't need a bathtub to create a complete spa experience. Not only is an at-home spa experience suitable for your body, but it's good for your mind too. Before or after a long day at work, it's essential to care for your body and give it the respect it deserves.


The first step, create the right ambiance with elegant lit candles so that you are bathed not only in water but warm light as well. Candles are great because not only do they provide soft light, but they also smell fantastic and stimulate your olfactory senses.

You can also set up a home spa with an essential oil diffuser or, better yet, a steaming shower system. Steaming showers only require a bit more water, and they have many benefits for your health. Steam is excellent for opening your pores so that your skin is ready for scrubs, masks, or lotion. It's a fantastic way to activate your body's blood circulation. Steaming showers are also great for people with allergies, colds, and chronic sinus issues, as they relieve congestion.

Shower bombs contribute a lot to the overall therapeutic effects of the shower as they often contain essential oils that are mood-transforming and great for your body.

Set up a Routine

Caution on the temp - water that is too hot can strip the natural oils from your skin and contribute to dryness. Opt for lukewarm water instead of scalding hot. If it's cold where you live, bring a portable heater into the bathroom while you shower so that you aren't as chilly when you get out.

Exfoliation is vital for keeping skin healthy. A loofa, exfoliating glove, or washcloth will do the trick. Lather up with a natural body wash and gently rub it in circular motions, covering your body. Use caution, and don't rub too vigorously; you don't want to damage the skin. A vital step is replacing your exfoliator regularly, as it can hold on to germs and bacteria.

DIY Body Scrubs

Gentle body scrubs are another great way to exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal the new skin below. Tons of great store-bought products will do the trick, but why not make your own if you feel crafty? An easy DIY body scrub requires only a few ingredients from the kitchen pantry. Combine an oil like olive or coconut, a natural texture like sugar or coffee grounds, a touch of body soap, and essential oils of your choice. Mix and gently rub in circular motions on your skin to reveal the healthy, vibrant skin beneath.

Show Your Feet Some Love

Your feet do a ton of work for you. They get you from place to place, and we need to show them more appreciation. After a short time in the shower, the surface on the bottom of your feet will soften enough so that it will be easy to rub off layers of dead skin with a pumice stone or foot exfoliator tool. While you're at it, give your feet an appreciative rub.

Dry off With the Softest Towels

One of the vital aspects of your new shower ritual is going to be the perfect towel for when your routine is through. Supima cotton towels are an essential addition to your bathroom. These generously sized soft and fluffy towels are highly absorbent. American-grown Rare Supima® (the top 3% of cotton grown in the US) is farmed responsibly to minimize environmental impact, combed for added softness, and detailed with a dobby weave. Available in various colors, from classic white or black to delicate colors like antique blossom and light lake blue, you can get the perfect color to match your bathroom aesthetic. Monogram each family member's initials for personalized towel sets.

Set up your bathroom with ultra-soft bath rugs and mats that match your towel sets. Step out of the shower and onto lush, 100% Supima cotton. Its super soft texture will give your feet a spa experience. The non-skid gel backing adds stability, so it won't slide when you step out.

Style and Organize

You use the shower most days, so why not make it suit your taste? Styled shower curtains contribute a lot to the room, whether a pop of color, a floral pattern, or a simple embroidered white curtain. We even offer a fun multi-doodle stripe pattern for the kids' bathroom that will excite them for bathing time. Personalize your shower curtain with the option to monogram it.

Have your bath products organized and labeled in monogrammed canvas storage bins, perfect for keeping the bathroom tidy. There's nothing like labeling storage bins to make it convenient to find things when needed.

And there you have it - the elevated rinsing routine that prepares you for whatever the day holds. Our bodies are sacred, so let's care for them and provide the luxurious shower experience they deserve.


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