Celebrate the New Year in Cashmere

Celebrate the New Year in Cashmere

If you’ve been searching online for trendy new outfits to wear for your New Year’s Eve party, we have just the solution for you. Don’t spend hours trying to figure out how to style your outfit. Just go with cashmere anything. The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to add cashmere to your closet. Read on to learn how to ring in the New Year in style and comfort with cashmere from head to toe.

Don a Cashmere Turtleneck

A cashmere turtleneck never goes out of style. Get one in black or gray as the cool-weather staple that will turn heads at the party. You may not know how to style a cashmere turtleneck without looking like a college professor, but it’s pretty easy with a few key details. If you’re going to a work party, you can appear business-casually elegant by wearing a dark-colored cashmere sweater under a colorful suit for contrast.

Wear it monochromatically by wearing a white cashmere turtleneck and an all-white suit, and white platform heel boots to match. You can wear your cashmere turtleneck over a satin dress or skirt. To tie your look together, try a leather obi belt and pumps.

Wear a Cashmere Cardigan

To stay cozy while looking fabulous, combine a maxi dress and a women’s cashmere cardigan. You’ll look cute but feel like you just rolled out of bed because it’s so comfortable. Wear a long-sleeved cashmere cardigan that falls at the mid-hip. A waist-shaping cashmere cardigan can create a more feminine silhouette. If you’re going to a sunny post-New Year’s brunch, wearing the cashmere cardigan and dress combination with statement mustard or brown sunglasses elevates the outfit to another level. Want to keep it a little casual? Pair your cashmere cardigan with leggings, or even our comfortable leggings that look like jeans: jeggings.

Stay Cozy in Cashmere Sweaters

A cashmere sweater is anything but basic. To look your classiest this New Year’s Eve, tie a long-sleeved knit sweater around your shoulders. Channel prep school style by pairing your cashmere sweater top with a navy blue skirt, such as a solid box pleat skirt, that sits just above your knee. Polish off your look with a headband with a bow or sparkles, and you’ll look classic, preppy, and ready to be the prettiest lady in the room. An asymmetric pencil skirt is a fun twist to the traditional skirt and sweater combination. Mix different fabrics like your cashmere sweater with blue velvet pants. Add on a leather belt and statement clutch to complete your look. How about cashmere sweaters with long tulle skirts? You can wear a blazer over your cashmere sweater to instantly dress up any outfit.

Accessorize With a Cashmere Scarf

You don’t have to wear cashmere all over. You can go with one signature cashmere detail like a scarf. Try the CashTouch winter scarf pattern in bold patterns like rich red hunters star quilt or rich red multi plaid. It’s designed for cashmere-like luxury with soft, lightweight warmth. It’s nicely sized for ample coverage at 70” x 15” with a 3-inch fringe. Wrap it around your neck as a statement, or keep it wrapped around your shoulders as a dinner scarf. If you love a cashmere scarf, be sure to look at all of our women’s winter scarves.

Go Out With a Cashmere Tote

Go out in style with a cashmere tote to carry all your necessities. A cashmere purse gives a soft and cozy alternative to any harder textures you may be wearing on New Year’s Eve. A cashmere bag can help balance out your look and round it out with organic softness.

Leave Your Feet in Comfortable Cashmere Shoes

Yes, the rumors are true. There is such a thing as shoes with cashmere in them too. If you plan on staying at home for the New Year, go with cashmere slippers. If you plan on dancing the night away but don’t want to bother with heels, try cashmere sneakers. Cashmere slip-ons work for him, too!

Cashmere for Him

He can join in on the fun with any of our men’s cashmere sweaters. His cashmere sweater is versatile to wear to a hot and happening New Year’s Eve party yet comfortable enough that he can go straight home and fall asleep wearing that same sweater. It’s one of the coziest wardrobe staples of the winter season. Even when it’s not the holiday season anymore, he’ll love wearing a cashmere sweater, knowing he’ll look swanky and feel comfortable anytime he puts it on.

Whether you’re looking to rock cashmere from your head to your pretty little feet or just looking to incorporate a cashmere piece here and there into your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with cashmere anything. You’ll look so luxurious whether you’re staying at home and watching the ball drop on TV or partying the night away with friends.


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