Casual Resort Wear for Your Winter Escape

Casual Resort Wear for Your Winter Escape

Can’t wait to escape the frozen tundra and spend a few days in a beautiful, new location? Are you having visions of yourself sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun, and sipping a Mai Thai while enjoying the sounds of the ocean? Or perhaps your winter getaway is in a snowy locale where you’ll be tucked away in a cozy, warm fireplace, sipping wine and watching the fireplace roar. Wherever you plan to go for your winter escape, you probably want a cute new outfit or two to make your vacation even more fun and relaxing. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best casual resort wear for your winter getaway.

Beach Cover Ups Equals Beach Dresses

What is one must-have you will absolutely want to take with you on your upcoming tropical getaway? A beach cover-up that doubles as a dress! Not only will versatile, but multi-purpose pieces also help you cut down on your packing and make room in your suitcase, you can seamlessly transition from a day at the beach to an evening out at a seaside eatery. Beach cover-ups are fabulous pieces to have any time you are on the beach, shopping on the boardwalk, or walking around in the hot sun. And after a day of beach bumming it, you can throw a beach cover-up over your swimsuit and head out to an elegant dinner and look totally stylish in both settings. Many beach cover-ups come in tropical and floral print styles, but you can also find beach cover-ups in solid colors like black and white if you want to create a more traditional, minimalist look.

Color Blocking Outfits

Another fantastic beach vacation outfit is something that incorporates color blocking. Color blocking is a style that takes two or more bold colors and pieces them together. While iconic beach styles like floral print dresses are perfect for a tropical vacation, if you ever want to change up your look and incorporate new styles, color-blocking outfits look amazing in a tropical setting. If you prefer summer dresses, you can find plenty of color-blocking dresses in various lengths and styles. Color blocking also looks great if you prefer jumpsuits and two-piece outfits with cute tops and long linen pants or shorts.

Flowy Maxi Skirts and Cute Beach Tops

The thing about going on vacation is that while you definitely want to look cute, you also want to be totally comfortable and relaxed at all times. You’re on vacation! Who wants to go on a getaway and be stuck wearing cute, but completely uncomfortable outfits? One little get-up that absolutely won’t leave you in discomfort is a maxi dress and beach top combo. Maxi dresses are naturally flowy and breezy, allowing for easy, unrestricted movement. They are also lightweight, so no matter the length, a good maxi dress won’t leave you feeling overheated. Pairing a cute maxi skirt with a swimsuit top, crop top, or some other kind of beach top style is all you need to complete the outfit. A chic floral print or color-blocking maxi skirt with a print or solid colored beach top is a great vacation outfit that you can easily transition from day to night.

The Floppy Hat and One-Piece Swimsuit Combo

Do you simply love the look of Old Hollywood starlets sitting on the beach in Nice sipping a glass of champagne? Have a thing for vintage? All you need to get the look is a cute one-piece swimsuit and a floppy hat. Bonus points if you throw on a pair of big black sunglasses. This is an iconic look that has lasted through the ages and is perfect for not only helping you look utterly glamorous, a big floppy hat will also offer plenty of sun protection. A cute, black floppy hat with a white or polka dot swimsuit is playful and chic, while a stunning red one-piece swimsuit with a white floppy hat will create a visually stunning look. Play around with various styles and colors until you find a pairing that suits your personal taste.

A Cashmere Sweater and Slouchy Pants

We’ve talked a lot about fabulous outfits that are perfect for a beach getaway. But for some people, winter vacation means piling into the car and driving to a gorgeous ski resort for a long weekend. Obviously, a floral print sleeveless dress is not the outfit you are going to want to take with you to a snowy climate. Instead, keep things elegant yet comfortable with a decadent soft cashmere sweater and your favorite pair of comfy pants. If you want to make this combo look even more elegant, make it monochromatic. A beige cashmere turtleneck with off-white slouchy pants and a pair of moccasin slippers will have you looking very “off-duty Hollywood star”.

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