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The Casual Lounge Clothes You Need This Season

The hibernation season is here! And between our errands and commitments, we are anticipating spending our downtime doing just that—hibernating. Whether it's snuggling up with your loved ones, staying in bed with a great book, or hanging around the kitchen experimenting with the new cookbook you received as a gift, casual lounge clothes are essential this season.

Some things we look for when selecting the best lounge clothes for this season are warmth, function, comfort, and style. Read on to see our guide for the casual lounge clothes you absolutely need this season to stay comfortable, cozy, and cute all winter long. Hanging out at home should feel glamorous and fun, too, after all.

Flannel Everything

First stop: flannel. Few things feel more season-appropriate to us than flannel. Flannel fabric is not only soft, durable, and warm, it also happens to be incredibly trendy these days for wearing out as well as being a prime pick for all your lounging needs. It's also unisex and all-age appropriate, so there is a great flannel option for everyone in the family. Flannel also comes in several colors and patterns to suit anyone's personal taste.

Wear a loose-fitted flannel shirt over your favorite T-shirt or sweater for an easy, casual lounge solution. Or, even better, get yourself a set of flannel pajamas to wear all through the winter. Feel free to mix and match your flannel pajamas with your other favorite casual lounge pieces. Wear your flannel bottoms with an oversized sweater or soft cotton shirt. Or, wear some leggings or yoga pants underneath your flannel pajama top. You'll be comfortable, cozy, and adorable while lounging around the house.

Cozy Sweaters

Next stop: sweaters. The right women's sweater can be lounge appropriate as well as dressy. A good rule of thumb is, if it feels comfortable, it's probably great for a casual lounge session. We recommend an oversized or chunky knit sweater to make you feel like you're snuggled up in a blanket all day. Oversized and chunky sweaters also happen to be super trendy and look great with some leggings, cute pajama bottoms, or some athleisure sweatpants. Slip on some wooly socks or fluffy slippers and you are perfectly adorned for casual lounging.

If oversized sweaters are not your thing, then opt for a looser fitting wool sweater. If you tend to run on the warmer side, then wear a cotton sweater with some cotton-blend sweatpants. Go for the super glam answer to casual lounge and wear a flowing cashmere sweater over some silky pajama bottoms to look queenly and relaxed all at once.


Leggings are the timeless winner of casual loungewear that always seems to steal our hearts. Leggings have become so popular in the last decade, and we can understand why. They are easy, casual, flattering, versatile, and just so comfortable.

Experiment with fun colors, patterns, or even textures like corduroy leggings when choosing what leggings to wear for casual lounge time. Try brightly colored leggings with your favorite off-white sweater for a bright and adorable casual lounge look. If you tend to enjoy more neutral tones, then simply opt for black leggings, which match with almost everything. Leggings come in such a wide range of styles, cuts, weights, and functions that you are bound to find the perfect pair for you. Again, the best rule of thumb is, if they're comfortable on, then they're the one!

If you don't enjoy feeling squeezed by leggings, then try a boot-cut or flared yoga pant for some extra wiggle room. Pick a roll down style to take the pressure off your hips and tummy. Choose a cotton blend for a thicker but breathable legging or go for synthetic blends for an ultimate lightweight feel. No woman's casual lounge wardrobe is complete without a stellar collection of leggings.

Lounge Pants

Lounge pants are the next best thing after leggings for casual bottoms. The great thing about lounge pants is that they can be anything that is loose-fitting, comfortable, and soft. Sweatpants fall splendidly into this category. In recent years, sweatpants have gone from something you wear solely for working out to an entire fashion category of its own. There are so many styles, fits, and fabrics of sweatpants out there, it's hard not to find a pair you will want to live in forever. We love a simple straight-legged cut, with either an open or cinched ankle, depending on your preference. Wear with a big comfy sweater and enjoy!

If you're looking to go the extra mile, try wide-legged flowy pants for an ultimate boho-chic vibe to spice up any casual lounge wardrobe. Wear high-waisted pants with a cropped tee or on your hips with a well-tailored women's cashmere sweater for an elegant and comfortable look. Casual loungewear has never been so fabulous.

Soft Cottons

Our last pointer is a simple one. When picking your casual lounge clothes, opt for soft cottons and natural fibers. Not only is this healthier for your skin, but it will also leave you feeling as comfortable and au naturel as possible while effortlessly rocking casual loungewear all season long.

Hibernate in style with these must-have casual lounge wardrobe picks.


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