How to Choose a Cashmere Sweater That Your Mom Will Love

Cashmere sweaters your mom will love

In general, a cashmere sweater is a can't-miss gift for moms. After all, this fine, ultra-soft fabric is considered the gold standard of knits. Made from the downy undercoat of goats, cashmere is beautiful, soft to the touch, and can be many times warmer than traditional wool. Yet it's breathable enough to be worn in lighter knits nearly year-round. But cashmere is also an investment. So, if you're planning to buy your mom a cashmere gift, think carefully in order to find one that she'll absolutely adore.

These four women's sweater options can help you find a perfect cashmere sweater for your mom.

A cashmere cardigan for mom

There’s nothing quite like a classic cashmere cardigan. They come in so many different colors and styles, there’s something for every mom. There are the button-up cardigans which are always a great choice. If she doesn’t like buttons, there are also cocoon cardigans. These cardigans have no buttons, are longer, and are open in the front. Cardigans are amazing because you can layer them over almost any kind of basic shirt or dress. They can also be used in any season.

A cashmere tunic for mom

If your mom is a leggings enthusiast, or she just likes longer tops, consider getting her a cashmere tunic. Cashmere tunics are warm and elegant. They are great to wear with leggings because they are long enough to cover your rear end and your front. You can also pair a tunic with jeans, if needed. Style it with a cute pair of flats or boots and a long necklace.

A cashmere crewneck for mom

Cashmere crewneck sweaters are the epitome of classic and elegant. It’s probably the sweater you think of most when you think of cashmere. These sweaters come in the largest variety of colors and go well with almost any type of bottoms. You can wear them over leggings, jeans, chinos, skirts, and slacks. Cashmere crewnecks go with almost any kind of shoes, as well. They look especially great when paired with stud earrings and a simple necklace.

A cashmere v-neck for mom

If you’re still not sure if any of these sweaters are your mom’s style, look at the cuts and necklines of sweaters she already has in her wardrobe. If she has some v-necks, consider grabbing her a v-neck cashmere sweater. These sweaters are sometimes a tad longer than a crewneck sweater, and you can find tunic sweaters in v-neck, as well. Like the crewneck, they go well with almost any kind of bottoms or shoes.

Fun ways to choose a sweater for mom

If you don’t think mom will care so much about the cut of her cashmere sweater, you can always pick one in different ways. Cashmere looks elegant and sophisticated in neutral hues like black, white, gray, and beige. But when you're choosing a special gift for your mom, why not go bright and bold when you make your cashmere sweater choice? Search for a sweater in her favorite shade by using the color filter on our site. If you'd like to help your mom break out of her fashion routine, choose a color that you know she'd look good in and will match well with the wardrobe she already has. 

A beautiful, rich knit-like cashmere stands alone beautifully and doesn't need any ornamentation to look luxurious. But if you're picking a sweater for a mom who loves feminine styles, look for a top that suits her style with delicate touches, like pretty ties on the sleeves or necklines or fluted ruffles along its cardigan lapels for a look that she'll really enjoy.

A stylish cashmere sweater has a lush, velvety appearance that also makes it a perfect canvas for jewelry. If your mom has a signature pair of earrings or a family heirloom that is her pride and joy, choose a cashmere sweater that pairs well with it for a gift she'll have extra reasons to love. Deep colors can set off the shimmer of gems, while a pretty neckline can be a lovely accent to her favorite necklace.

No matter what style your mother prefers, there’s likely a cashmere sweater she’ll love. You can’t go wrong with a classic.


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