His and Hers: Sweaters Made of Premium Cashmere Wool

His and Hers: Sweaters Made of Premium Cashmere Wool

There are certain fabrics and articles of clothing that come to mind when we think of warmth and luxury, but the most popular one is without a doubt a cashmere sweater. From the soft and breathable natural fiber to the incredible warmth it provides, there really is no comparison to cashmere. If you're looking to invest in a new cashmere sweater for yourself or for a loved one this season, here are five style choices for men and women that are sure to be warmly received.

For Her: A V-Neck Wrap Style

When we think of cashmere sweaters for women, most of us picture a classic crew neck style. For a twist on that traditional sweater, select a more modern v-neck wrap version instead. With a discrete tack in place over the chest, you can rest assured that the style will stay in position throughout the day while still showing just the right amount of skin. This style would be perfect for your casual Friday outfit or paired with jeans for your favorite outdoor activity. V-neck tops pair especially well with longer, draping necklaces, so make sure to accessorize this sweater with that type of jewelry for the perfect cold-weather look.

For Her: A Boat Neck Version

Look no further than a boat neck cashmere sweater for a piece that it is truly timeless. Paired with slacks, it's the perfect top for your formal work look; you can also dress it down alongside a pair of super stylish leggings for an outfit that's equal parts cute and comfortable. You really can't go wrong with your color choice for this sweater style because of the ever-stylish neckline, so feel free to let your creative juices flow when picking a favorite. Can't select just one? This sweater type is sure to be on-trend for years to come, so you'll be making a great investment in both your style and with your wallet. Accessorize this sweater style with a delicate necklace for a more casual look or with a bold statement necklace to take your outfit up a notch.

For Her: A Short-Sleeved Style

The traditional cashmere sweater features three-quarter or full-length sleeves, but this more modern style is one you don't want to miss. With a mix of the traditional crew neck and trendy short sleeves, you'll have a top that is the perfect combination of formal and casual. A short-sleeved women's cashmere cardigan can easily be styled more formally with a fitted pencil skirt and closed-toed heels for work or with jeans and sneakers for a casual weekend look. Whichever you pick, don't forget to accessorize it with either a pair of bold earrings or a fun-colored tied scarf. Don't worry about being chilly in a short-sleeved cashmere sweater; you actually harbor most of your body's warmth in your chest and core, so the shorter sleeve style will keep you toasty and timeless.

For Him: A Modern Quarter-Zip

A true intersection of classic clothing and modern styling is a quarter-zip cashmere sweater for men. With its elegant feel, you'll be warm and stylish all day long, regardless of what you pair it with. Choose dark wash jeans for post-work drinks or slacks for a more work-appropriate cold-weather outfit. If the temperature calls for more layers, you can wear a quarter zip alongside a button-down shirt, making sure it peeks out nicely at the top of the chest. The open neckline on this sweater cuts down on the bulk that you can get from other thicker layers, so it's a great choice if you also want to wear a scarf.

For Him: A Classic Crew Neck

You truly can't go wrong with a classic crew neck cashmere sweater for men. Layered with a breathable cotton long-sleeve shirt underneath or paired with a heavier winter coat over top, you'll be just as stylish as you are warm and cozy. The classic neckline allows it to be paired with lighter layers underneath or more hefty ones over top, depending on the level of warmth for which you're looking. Want even more protection from the cold this season? Choose a modern vest that can go right on top and provide even more warmth without the added bulk of a heavy coat.

Cashmere is known for its ever-warming qualities, luxurious feel on the skin, and soft and supple fibers. Now available in a wide variety of styles, this classic sweater can be reimagined with modern tastes in mind while still offering the same level of protection from frigid temperatures. Look to a more trendy v-neck, short-sleeved or quarter-zip variety for a combination of traditional and modern styles, or go with the timeless and ever-popular crew or boat neck styles. Whichever style you choose and however you wear your cashmere sweater, your his and hers look will provide you with the warmth you crave during the colder months of the year.


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