Cardigans Are A WFH Essential

Cardigans Are A WFH Essential

There are few things as versatile as classic cardigans, which come in a range of styles — button-up cardigans, open-front cardigans, cropped cardigans, and duster-length cardigans — in addition to a variety of colors. Cardigans offer a layer of warmth when an unexpected chill hits the air or the air conditioning in a public space is on too high. They are great for errands, nights at the movie theater, and even within your own space when you’re working from home.

They are one of the most useful clothing items to keep near your desk, even draped over your desk chair, to grab before a meeting, or to put on as you rush to meet a deadline and don’t have time to sort through your closet for a sweater. Why are cardigans so essential for work from home days? There are many reasons. Here’s why.

They Keep You Warm

Between air conditioning, drafty windows, and plain old cold days, our homes can be chilly. On top of that, your office may be in an area of your home that is colder than the other parts of your home. Having a go-to cardigan to throw on over a dress, tunic or blouse can help you from becoming too cold during the workday. Better yet, if you keep it near your workspace, you can easily access it, which means fewer trips up and down the stairs to get the things you need for the day.

The cardigan you choose to keep near your workspace can be anything from a bright-colored open-front cardigan to a cardigan in a dark color to a button-up cardigan in an argyle print, all of which are available from Lands’ End.

They Can Dress Up A Plain T-Shirt

When you don’t have any video calls, you’re more than likely wearing one of your very comfortable casual T-shirts or cute tank tops. While those items may be ideal when working from home with no Zoom meetings on your calendar, they’re not so great if you get a surprise video call from your boss or coworker. That’s where your essential cardigan comes into play, just put it on over your tee shirt or tank top, and you will instantly look more professional.

For this situation, try a classic black button-up cardigan — a piece of clothing that looks instantly business-friendly and work-appropriate. To make this outfit look even more video-call-ready, wear it with a pair of dangly earrings that you can keep at your desk for last-minute video meetings.

They Easily Go From A Workday Look to An After-Work Outfit

Your favorite workday cardigan doesn’t have to be worn only when you’re working from home. Instead, you can keep it on for after-work errands or a post-work drink with friends. For an easy day-to-night work-from-home outfit, wear a solid-colored cardigan with a pair of dark skinny jeans and leather boots. With just those few items, your outfit will be all set for a day of work behind your computer screen at home and dinner out with your partner or friends. Cardigans are versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit and for any situation.

Your Cardigan Can Even Be Worn As A Blanket

Your favorite cozy cardigan can act as a blanket throughout the workday, too. You can drape it over your legs or your shoulders when you’re getting your work done at your desk. Many of our cardigans are made from warm fabrics like cashmere and soft cotton that just get softer over time. In other words, your cardigan may end up becoming even softer than your favorite blankets and throws.

They’re Classic

Cardigans are one of those styles that never go out of fashion. Cardigans that were popular in the ‘50s could still be worn today. Cardigans that were ideal for ‘80s fashion are still applicable today. That’s because cardigans are timeless and made up of just a few key elements that create the look — knit fabric, buttons, and a sleek silhouette. So you won’t have to worry about replacing your cardigans too often throughout the years of your career; your go-to cardigan can likely be your go-to cardigan for years to come.

Having a few trusted cardigans for work-from-home days is necessary. They’re functional (they keep you warm), stylish (they can dress up your most drab work-from-home outfit), and fun (they come in all different colors and prints). They offer an easy outfit alternative for video calls and are just as functional during your at-home workday as they are when running to pick up the kids from dance class or baseball practice.


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