Camping List Packing Checklist

Camping List Packing Checklist

You’re going on a camping trip? What fun! Before heading out on your adventure, ensure you have all the items you will need to stay comfy. Here is a camping list packing checklist to get you started.

Cozy Clothing

Camping is the definition of casual, so go for comfy tops and pants and work for the weather and the activities you have planned. For a cooler camping trip, a flannel shirt is a must-have, along with jeans, joggers, and hoodies. Make sure to pack a couple of go-to T-shirts and comfy socks.

Footwear is a consideration all its own. Will you be hiking, swimming, or canoeing? At a minimum, most campers need a sturdy pair of sneakers for their trip. Hiking boots that are well broken in before your trip will be important if you plan to hike. Don’t forget to pack water shoes if you will be boating or engaging in water sports.

Snuggly Sleepwear

Some campers prefer to sleep in their daytime clothes, but bringing some soft sleepwear for camping will keep you extra comfy. What you choose will depend upon several factors, including the weather, what type of shelter you are sleeping in (e.g., a cabin, a tent, a camper, or under the stars), and how likely it is that you will need to get up in the middle of the night. Flannel pajamas are an option that will keep you warm and cozy. A sleep shirt that is easy to throw shorts underneath is a good choice for warmer weather. Sweatshirts and men’s sweatpants that you designate as “camping pajamas” will be comfier than most daywear (and just as practical if you get up early to make coffee or need to get up in the middle of the night).

Awesome Outerwear

Ah… outerwear! You are the difference between an awesome camping trip and an uncomfortable one. Be sure to check the weather predictions for your camping trip and include coats, jackets, and boots accordingly. Keep layering in mind if the weather is likely to be cool. If you only pack one jacket for your camping trip, make it a men’s or women’s fleece jacket. Fleece is soft and warm, and it breathes and cleans up well. You can also layer it under a coat for winter camping.

Even if you will be camping in a dry climate and there is no rain in the forecast, have some basic gear with you and a plan for how you will stay comfortable in case of rain. Be sure that you will have a safe shelter in the event of a thunderstorm or other weather events. If you usually use apps on your phone to inform you, make a plan to keep your phone charged or bring a battery-operated radio so you can stay in the know.

Furniture by the Campfire

Unless you will be camping where there is already plenty of camp furniture, you will want to bring camp chairs and perhaps a fold-up camping table. Think about the activities that you will want to enjoy around the campfire. Will you be sitting in a circle and enjoying toasting marshmallows? Will you want to have a table nearby for outdoor dining and card games? Make sure to bring a fleece throw. You can use it as a picnic blanket or cuddle up with it by the campfire or in your tent.

Shopping for camping furniture can become a hobby all on its own. It’s amazing how technology has given us an array of items to bring the creature comforts of our homes to our campsites. If you love camping (and have the storage space), go for it. If you camp only once in a while, stick to fold-up basics like good camp chairs and a room to cook. Borrowing camping gear from friends or family who camp often is also a good strategy, especially if you are new to camping.

Backpacks and Bags

Even minimalist campers need a great backpack, so get one that will meet your needs. Will you use your backpack instead of a carry-on bag to pack your essentials? Will you be going on hikes during the day? Is this a full-on backpacking trip? Whatever your plans, get a backpack that is made of rugged, water-resistant material.

An easy way to estimate the size of the backpack you will need is to make a pile of everything you think you will need to bring in your backpack on a large table or bed. Then do a bit of measuring. Having the right pockets to keep valuables safe and items handy is important, too.

A great camping trip just takes a bit of planning. Have a wonderful time camping!


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