Cabincore and Cottagecore Gifts for Him

Cabincore and Cottagecore Gifts for Him

You don’t have to have a rustic cabin or cozy cottage in the middle of the forest to have your partner try out this woodsy aesthetic. Whether you’re celebrating a new home with housewarming gifts or getting him one just because, have the man in your life break out his inner lumberjack and check out our list of the perfect cabincore and cottagecore gifts for him.


From the kitchen to the bedroom, you’ll want linens and linen sheet sets to give your home that cabincore aesthetic. If you’re living together or just looking to add a cozy feel to his place, he’s sure to love some new linens. The Saro Lifestyle gingham check cotton table runner is the perfect choice for when you’re hosting a date night at home or having friends over. This charming runner transforms any casual tabletop into a rural homey dream dining table. This easily pairs with matching tableware or other solid colors.

Cups and Mugs

Imagine watching the sunrise as you drink out of a ceramic mug on your porch. Pottery mugs make for a great gift year-round. Not only are they beautiful, but they also have a lovingly handcrafted feel to them. There are plenty of options to choose from for your cottagecore cup. Try marbled clay that looks like wood grains. Try abstract mugs with brushstrokes that remind you that a real person made that every time you sip on your coffee for a more modern feel.

Candle Holders

He may not admit it, but he probably loves the calming sight and smell of candles as much as you do. Although that's always a sweet thought, candles aren’t just meant for a romantic date night tableside in the kitchen. They can also be brought outside to make a statement after sunset for any backyard party or cookout. Light the way with gray willow lanterns. Want to add a touch of sophistication to his mantle or table with a gorgeous set of three antique brass metal candle holders. He can go full cottagecore by turning all of the lights off and only letting the candle flames illuminate his way.

Plants & Greenery

Maybe he has a green thumb and can whip any plant into shape, or maybe he’s better off with one of those low-maintenance air succulent plants. If he has a garden, the cottagecore garden trend is wonderful for the bees. Try planting lavender, foxgloves, or delphiniums. If he prefers being a laid-back plant parent, try cabincore favorites such as the Swiss cheese plant, a pathos, or a simple cactus.


You’ll be so excited to kiss the chef when you gift him a new apron. The performance twill apron comes in classic colors such as desert khaki, true navy, and black. With twill fabric that’s strong enough to resist stains, an adjustable neck strap, waist ties, and handy front pockets for utensils and recipe cards, he’ll be putting the “pro” in apron in no time. He can dress casually in the apron with a cottagecore cozy set of men’s flannel pajamas or dress it up cabincore style with men’s flannel shirts. For that extra special touch, make it personal and gift it monogrammed with his initials. Encourage his inner grilling master to get out there.

Wooden Cutting Board

One can never have too many cutting boards. They’re perfect for meal prepping and can also double as a rustic serving plate or a charcuterie board. If you’re looking to take his cutting board to the next level, gift him the Picnic Time bamboo cheese cutting board that comes with cheese tools and markers to label each of your fine cheese for display. The 100% bamboo cutting board has 108 square inches of cutting surface. The concave surface extends past the base of the board, creating carry handles so he can bring it around outside.

Cookbook Stand

The cookbook stand is perfect for the old-school hardcover cookbook or for a tablet to rest on as you’re scrolling through new recipes online. Consider the Picnic Time wood cookbook stand with glass. It’s made with a beautiful Acadia wood base and tempered glass frame, versatile enough to be in either a portrait or landscape position on your countertop.

Adirondack Patio Chair

Rest easy in the quintessential Adirondack patio chair. Built for lounging and built to last, the grade-A, all-season heartwood teak Adirondack patio chair is crafted to resist warp and rot. He’ll look like the king of his cabin when he’s lounging in this chair. Over time, his teak Adirondack chair will develop a beautiful silvery-gray patina with exposure to sun and moisture. To preserve the original color, simply use a teak sealer. This chair is a must-have to complete the cottagecore look. Can’t get enough of that teak look and feel? Take a look at other teak furniture ideas.

The items on this list are merely the start of your romanticized country living style, even if you don’t actually live anywhere remotely rural. If you and your man would like to jump on the baking from scratch and gardening bandwagon, now’s the perfect time to get a little something for you and him. Think of it as a means of not just escaping the grind of day-to-day life but a way to idealize the benefits of staying cozy in your own place and making it truly yours and his.


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