Business Casual Looks for Spring

Business Casual Looks for Spring

From women's pants to women's dress shirts, and everything in between, there are many ways to get creative when it comes to dressing for work, an event, or anywhere you want to look a little more polished but stay comfortable. That’s what business casual is all about.

Adding a light formal touch to your spring look helps to make you feel put together and ready for whatever the day may throw at you. Some may think it’s harder to get dressed for work as the temperature creeps up, but we love spring because it gives us the option to wear long pants, shorts or skirts, dresses, and a wide variety of layers with limitless options. Here, we help you narrow down some of the best business casual looks for spring. Here's how to have some fun when you get dressed this season.

The Statement Top

Everyone needs at least one of these in their closets. That special shirt that makes any outfit come alive, the statement top is a brilliant way to show off your personality while still being office-appropriate. A flowy tunic top tucked in or left untucked, a fun patterned top with polka dots, stripes, animal prints or florals, or a blouse with a unique collar that stands out from the rest. These are the shirts you don’t wear every day, that give a little something extra, and that pair perfectly with casual pants like jeans, or dressier choices like chinos or black work pants.

The Non-Denim Pants

Speaking of work pants—the definition of what constitutes this particular item of clothing has widened enormously over the years. No longer simply black chinos, dress pants have come to encompass pretty much any bottom, as long as it’s paired with the proper top.

While denim pants are now considered office appropriate in most cases, we like to mix it up with a little something different, like high waisted pants or wide-leg twill pants. Pants can be statement items just like tops, so we encourage you to experiment with cut and color—a bright pair of pants can turn an outfit from every day to business casual in an instant. The options are endless!

The Casual Blazer

Nothing spells business like the blazer, and we almost feel like a superhero, immediately transforming into a boss the moment we put one on. But if we want to keep things a little more comfortable and casual, there are tons of options for more low-key blazers to pop on over any outfit. A cotton or twill blazer suggests someone who's capable and gets things done, but these options are also great for days when you want to feel comfortable at the same time. We can throw one of these on at work or a night out with friends and feel perfectly dressed in either place. That’s the magic of a blazer.

The White Button-Down

The effortless class of a white button-down women's oxford shirt will never go out of style. There’s something about the button-down collared shirt—it’s comfortable enough to wear as pajamas, but wear it to the office, and you feel transformed, clean-cut, and crisp. It’s the perfect top, perhaps, to work from home in—its mix of comfort and class is enough to keep you feeling like you’re really at work, but without sacrificing the ease of being at home.

The Dress Shorts

Yes, you heard us right. Women's shorts can indeed be dressy. Since we found out about dress shorts, it’s been hard to get us to wear anything else once the temperature drops in late spring. High-waisted shorts are the ultimate in business casual comfort, suggesting a similar cut to a skirt but with the freedom and flexibility that shorts offer. We love pairing them with a statement top and a heeled sandal, and they keep us looking and feeling cool as we run around and take care of business (casually).

The Casual Dress

The business casual dress is the best of both worlds—you get the instant refinement of a dress, but still get to be as comfortable as if you were wearing a nightgown and rolling out of bed. A super-soft cotton dress is perfect for spring with its breathability and offers so many easy, flowy cuts. The dress is equally work-appropriate in heels as it is in sneakers. What could be better than that?

Embrace the versatility of these business casual styles, and check out Lands’ End for more comfortable work-appropriate outfits.


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