Are Black Jeans Business Casual?

Are Black Jeans Business Casual?

For most people, blue jeans are a comfortable, fashionable option for casual gatherings like football games, family dinners, or brunch with friends. But, they usually are not a go-to choice for a more formal event or a day full of work meetings. Recently, that has all changed with the addition of black jeans to many women’s wardrobes. Black jeans are becoming more and more popular for business casual work environments and business casual gatherings. Black jeans offer something different, and from afar, they can even look like black dress pants.

So, what exactly are black jeans, why are they popular, and are they business casual? Here’s our insight.

What Is Business Casual?

Business casual is a fairly new dress code made popular by casual-leaning offices and business environments throughout the country. A business casual outfit looks professional but has elements of a more day-to-day outfit, too. The base of a business casual outfit is a go-to staple like a sweater, a cardigan, or a pair of jeans or khakis. That casual item is then paired with a fancier piece of clothing like a blazer, button-down top, or pair of dress shoes. Combining a dressier item with more casual elements creates a great look for a casual office setting or an event that doesn’t require a ball gown or tuxedo.

Business casual outfits are commonplace at many offices and have been accepted by many employers at both large and small companies. However, keep in mind that an approved outfit in one office may not be okay in another, so be sure to look around to see if your coworkers are wearing black jeans before showing up in an outfit that isn’t right for your job.

Are There Different Types of Black Jeans?

Like blue jeans, black jeans come in all different styles and fits. Our selection of women’s black jeans come in styles like flares, bootcut, straight-leg, and jeggings — making them ideal for all body shapes.

How Are Black Jeans Business Casual?

Black jeans have become a replacement for classic black dress pants in many situations. Why? They’re an understated closet staple that goes with almost anything in your wardrobe, from dress shirts to casual tees. Black jeans tend to be acceptable in most business casual settings and are becoming more and more prevalent in office environments and at events that require a business casual outfit.

All in all, they don’t look too different from black dress pants — especially when styled correctly. Black skinny jeans are a great business casual option when worn with a sleek blazer and high-heeled shoes. Additionally, black flared jeans are an easy business casual option when paired with a white button-down and a pair of simple flats. Black jeans also look great in business casual situations when worn with tunics, a sparkly occasion tank top, or a cashmere cardigan. Then, with the addition of jewelry, black jeans become even more dressy. Wear your favorite sparkly statement necklace or a pair of bold earrings to create a look that is much more business than casual. If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of black jeans to dress up, opt for black jeggings. They instantly look like black dress pants — and are often mistaken as such — and look great with a long, flowy top, a pair of short black booties, and a pair of small hoop earrings.

Why Do People Like Black Jeans?

Many people prefer black jeans over other business casual outfit options because of their comfortable nature. You can purchase a pair of black jeans that fit your needs — and even get a pair with a bit of stretch — to ensure you’re comfortable all day long. In the end, classic business outfit options like skirts and stiff dress pants aren’t as easy to move in. Another bonus of black jeans is their versatility. Not only do they go with almost everything in your closet, but they can easily be worn from the office to dinner with your spouse to your kid’s sports practice. And with black jeggings, they can be worn while lounging at home in an oversized sweatshirt, too.

All this to say, black jeans are a great business casual option for your office or any upcoming gathering that falls under a business casual guise. Be sure to dress your jeans up with the right shoes, top, and jewelry, and you’ll be all set.

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