Bringing home baby: a holiday guide for new parents

Bringing Home Baby: A Holiday Guide for New Parents

To all of you new parents: congratulations from all of us here at Lands’ End! We’re so happy for you and your growing family. Having a new baby means you’ve likely already received some gifts for your little one, but not everyone can think of everything, right? Let’s take a moment to look at some additional ideas we think would make your baby’s first Christmas a truly happy one.

Personalized Stocking

Nothing gives off the holiday spirit quite like that classic holiday image of a row of stockings hung on your mantel. We think little Joey should get in on the stocking fun, too! You can start a tradition with your family by getting your baby a personalized needlepoint stocking with their name embroidered on it. We know you’ll love it so much you’ll want to get a needlepoint stocking for everyone, and each year afterward you’ll cherish pulling those stockings out of storage and hanging them all together – one for every member of the family.

Bathtime Accessories

Bathtime is about more than just getting clean – it’s important bonding time for you and your baby. When bathtime is over, though, what kind of towel do you use for drying off? Young Timmy deserves the softest and most comforting towel you can get. Lands’ End bath towels are made from premium, long-staple cotton that’s soft and super absorbent, so you can spend less time drying off.

From sophisticated Supima to our luxurious Turkish Spa Towels, we have plenty of plush and absorbent towels that are great for your baby as well as adults. If those towels aren’t your kid’s speed, you can always opt for a fun and playful kids’ towel. Kids’ towels feature cool cartoon animals, and they’re soft and cuddly fun. Plus, they’re super cute! No matter which towel you get for your family’s new addition, monogrammed bath towels are a cute and fun way to make your baby’s towels feel extra special and customized just for them.


Babies always appreciate being warm and cozy, so a fleece blanket or a baby blanket in a cute print or pattern is always a good call. Keep a spare blanket in the living room, your bedroom, and your car to have one always on hand. Your baby will love having that extra warmth and softness when the air gets chilly.

Winter Coat

Few things are cuter than baby’s first winter coat. Make sure your baby is warm on any upcoming outings by purchasing them a kid’s coat. Lands’ End has many insulated jackets ideal for kids, including insulated baby bunting that is complete with a full-body zipper, so it’s easy to get your baby in and out of their new winter wear. Plus, the bunting covers them up from head to toe, so they’ll be cozy warm throughout the winter.

Tote Bags

It’s well-known that babies have lots of gear—bottles, blankets, toys, diapers, wipes—the list is nearly endless. A canvas tote bag is a great item to have to make sure none of your baby’s must-have items are left behind. You can even have the bag monogrammed with your little’s initials to make this item a fun, personalized gift for all of their gear.

Tote bags come in all different sizes, from purse-sized bags to oversized bags, it’ll be easy to find a tote that matches your baby’s needs.

Christmas Tree Ornament

A Christmas ornament for the tree that marks your babe’s first Christmas is a sweet and meaningful gift that will bring joy to you, too. There are many personalized ornaments that note your little’s first Christmas alongside festive holiday decor. Get one for the tree and to look at for years to come.

No matter what you choose for your baby this holiday season, you’ll cherish this year as extra-special. It’s their first Christmas, after all, and you’re creating memories and traditions that you can carry on for years, even generations to come. And that, friends, is the true magic of the holidays.


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