The 5 Types of Boots Every Man Needs

The 5 Types of Boots Every Man Needs

Boots are an important part of any man's wardrobe. They can be appropriate for many kinds of occasions, making them a versatile footwear choice all year long. There are various boot types for different outfits and types of weather; for example, men's winter boots are made for frosty conditions, while hiking boots are made to withstand rough terrain. Here are five types of boots that every man needs in his closet.

1. Hiking Boots

Hiking boots aren't just a style statement — they're also a functional shoe that men can wear on the trail, on the job or even for casual weekends. When it comes to boot material, nubuck leather is a popular choice for hiking boots. Nubuck is leather that's been buffed to an almost suede-like finish for a velvety look and feel. For hiking in the winter, look for insulated hiking boots that contain Thinsulate™. This type of boot insulation keeps feet warm on the coldest days. Also, you may want hiking boots with memory foam midsoles to keep feet comfortable even in the rockiest conditions.

There are all kinds of outfits to wear with hiking boots, which is another reason to own at least one pair. For example, men's flannel shirts and jeans can be worn with hiking boots for a rugged look. A pair of these boots could also be paired with a sweater and brown corduroys for a look that's casual yet stylish.

2. Duck Boots

Every man also needs a pair of duck boots in his footwear collection. As the name suggests, these are waterproof boots made for rainy days. You'll find men's duck boots crafted from durable materials such as treated leather and rubber, so raindrops roll right off and puddles are no problem. There are unlined duck boots that are great for spring and summer, along with lined duck boots that keep feet warm in the fall and winter.

This type of rain boot can be worn with men's jeans for a casual look that's great for wet weather. Jeans are always a classic choice, but you can also wear them with khakis or cargo pants. If you're headed into the office on a rainy day, wear a pair of these rain boots until you get to work, then change into dress shoes.

3. Snow Boots

Another type of boot that every man should have is the snow boot. Winter snow boots have many of the same features as duck and hiking boots, such as interior insulation and a waterproof exterior. Another feature common to snow boots is a textured rubber outsole to provide traction on slippery surfaces. Some snow boots have a sherpa lining around the collar to impart comfort and add even more warmth and protection from the elements.

Snow boots can be paired with jeans, flannel shirts and men's down jackets for an outfit that's comfortable and warm. You could also wear this type of boot with a casual cargo pant and men's hoodie. They're also good for work purposes, especially if you're working outdoors in the snow.

4. Slip-on Boots

Slip-on Chelsea boots are good to have for casual and business casual occasions. This style of boot dates back to the Victorian era and is still popular today. Chelsea boots have a snug fit and are equipped with an elastic side panel. They come up to the ankle, so they can be worn with any type of pant. This boot style isn't just for looks, as many of today's Chelsea boots are weather-resistant for comfortable wear in various conditions.

These boots look great with men's cashmere sweaters and khakis or jeans. They can also be worn with dress pants and corduroy trousers.

5. Low Boots

Low boots are another type of footwear that every man should have. Like the Chelsea boot, the low boot is versatile enough to wear with everything from a business suit to jeans and a T-shirt. This style of boot can be found in various colors; opt for brown or black for a neutral boot that goes with everything.

You'll find low boots crafted from high-quality materials such as leather and suede. If you do a lot of walking throughout the day, look for a boot with a memory foam insole. This type of cushioning conforms to your foot for comfortable wear all day.

Buying Men's Boots

When shopping for men's boots, make sure to check the size guide for the boot you want. Some boots run a half-size small or large, depending on the style. Men's snow boots should often be ordered a half-size larger than what you usually wear to accommodate thick winter socks. With so many different boot styles available, it's easy to stock your shoe collection with the right boot for every occasion.


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