Go Bold this Summer With These Stylish Men’s Swim Trunks

Go Bold this Summer With These Stylish Men’s Swim Trunks

Swim trunks are more than just shorts you swim in; they’re practically your summer wardrobe. The more you can do in a pair of swim trunks, the more you’ll wear them and get the most return on your investment. After all, you might be playing in the pool with the kids before finding yourself mowing the lawn and mulching the next hour. After that, perhaps you need to run errands before jumping back into the pool again for a game of Marco Polo. Do you really want to change your clothes several times a day? No. Your swim trunks should be as versatile and as adaptable as you are. They should also be stylish. The good thing is that there are no boundaries this year when it comes to swimsuit style — in fact, the bolder, the better. So let your personality shine through in any of these stylish men’s swim trunk styles.

Quick-Dry Cargo Swim Trunks

When it comes to men’s swim trunks, there is one type that will last throughout the entire day and make you look good the whole time: cargo shorts. To be specific, a pair of quick-drying cargo shorts. Because of their versatility, you can wear them all day, whether you’re splashing around in the pool, having a water balloon fight, or grabbing your wallet and keys so you can run to the store — all without ever needing to change your clothes. Make sure the mesh lining is super comfortable and also look for styles that include hidden pockets for change and your cellphone. A bonus is if the fabric offers UPF 50 protection from a long day spent in the sun.

Board Shorts

Board shorts are great if you prefer a baggier type of swim trunks, but not necessarily with so many pockets. Board shorts offer lots of coverage, as they tend to reach the knee. For that reason, they look a little less like swim trunks and more like regular shorts — which make them perfect for wearing out of the water, too. Combine their length with UPF 50 fabric and you get amazing sun protection. A pair made of 100% nylon will dry practically instantly. Again, make sure that the mesh lining is super comfortable so that you can wear these all day.

Swim Briefs

If you’re looking for swim trunks less for casual wear and more for doing laps in the pool, you’ll want something like a pair of swim briefs or swim jammers. Swim jammers are quick-drying, allowing you to glide through the water swiftly. They’re great for wearing under regular shorts if you’re at the beach or pool and prefer the tighter fit. Pair them with a men’s rash guard to act as a quick-drying, form-fitting shirt. If you’re in and out of the water a lot and want protection from the sun on your shoulders, a rash guard top with swim briefs is a great combo.

Loud and Fun Swim Trunks

If you’re the type who wears his bold personality on his sleeve, why not show it in your swim trunks as well?  If there is any year to make brave and bold fashion choices, it’s 2020. That means funky patterns, loud bright colors, and anything that says, “Look at me! I’m over here!” (Or maybe something that just helps your kids find you at the water park when in a sea of other dads.) Regardless, have fun with it. Fun patterns are also great for men’s big and tall swim trunks, especially if there is a pattern to break up an otherwise solid color.

The type of swim trunks you choose will depend on what you want to wear them for, of course. You may even need a few different pairs. For example, maybe you spend weekends outside with the kids or doing chores and need something to wear that’s quick-drying with pockets. But maybe you also go to the gym to swim laps before work during the week. Or maybe standup paddleboarding is your thing and you need something that moves with you but also provides coverage from a day in the direct sun. Regardless, just know that there are lots of swimwear options to choose from. Summer is short. Get out there and make the most of it in a new pair (or new pairs) of bold swim trunks.

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