Is Boho-Chic a Timeless Style?

Is Boho-Chic a Timeless Style?

Certain fashion styles can be fleeting, while others stand the test of time, remaining popular for generations. Mothers and grandmothers pass down items like chic coats, classic dresses, fine jewelry, and quality women’s sweaters to their children and grandchildren, and those items never seem to look dated.

One style that has remained timeless since its beginnings during the hippie era of the 1960s and 1970s is boho-chic fashion. It combines floral patterns, crochet detailing, paisley prints, and long, flowing skirts with a more formal vibe, too, which is where the word “chic” comes into play. Boho-chic items can always be found at stores and never seem to look out of place no matter the year or occasion.

According to Cosmopolitan style director Charles Manning, a boho outfit really can fit many different styles, allowing it to be even more timeless. “...the truth is it borrows from so many fashion subcultures and time periods that almost any outfit can be "boho" if you style it right,” said Manning in a 2017 Cosmopolitan article.

The flexibility that comes with boho-chic fashion makes it appropriate for any season and any time. The simple addition of specific items like printed tops, crochet purses, and bootcut jeans, can make this style your own for generations to come.

Best of all, and necessary for any timeless fashion style, boho-chic ages well — vintage or vintage-inspired finds from the ‘70s era are often the inspiration for many boho outfits, according to a recent Who What Wear article that notes “The [‘70s] era created a host of trends that still stand up today, whether you realize they're from that time or not.

Think of our current obsession with bright over-the-knee boots, folk-inspired printed dresses, velvet, corduroy, boho blouses, midi skirts, and so on. While the '70s sweep over the runways every couple of seasons, there's always a hint of it on the streets if you look closely.” In other words, there are boho elements in even unassuming items and during all seasons, allowing you to wear the style whenever you’d like and for decades to come.

How Can I Achieve a Timeless Boho-Chic Style?

First, look for boho-chic items that you truly love. Since the style is timeless, you’ll want to ensure you like the pieces in your boho-chic collection for years to come. Get items you can layer, too — a relaxed, layered style is key to the boho-chic look.

Shop for floral patterns in whatever style you like, small floral prints and large floral prints both work. Try opting for floral or boldly printed tunics, or one of our petite open-front sweaters layered over a long, flowy dress in a print like paisley.

Remember that boho-chic fashion is meant to set you apart from the crowd and doesn’t have to mesh with the fashion of the moment. Boho-chic is its own type of timeless fashion that is meant to let the wearer express themself and feel comfortable.


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