Selecting Big Coats for Petites

Selecting Big Coats for Petites

For the petite ladies in the room, we see you. Finding styles that fit is a lifelong journey of fun dressing room montages, isn't it? Accommodating a smaller frame can feel a bit tricky—if you don’t know what you’re looking for. This is particularly true for outerwear, and while the selection of women’s winter coats is full of options, you can easily find the perfect fit for you.

The same styling tricks you apply to your everyday wardrobe work when choosing big coats. “Petite” doesn’t simply mean that a woman is “short and slim.” Every body is different, and the same goes for waist size, hip size, shoulder width, and the list goes on. “Petite” refers to women who clock in at 5’4” and under—but body shape is an entirely different story. This makes choosing layers an important part of putting together a petite wardrobe—and a strategic move when it comes to adding a big coat into the mix.

The idea behind all wardrobe choices is to create a sense of balance and symmetry. Finding big coats and layers that hit a balance in proportion is essential, and the best way to do so is to select coats that strike at just the right hip points. Here’s what to look for when choosing coats for petites, plus a few of our favorite styles to get you started.

The Cozy Down Coat

When it comes to harsh winter weather, there’s no better protection than a women’s down jacket. Longer jackets in standard sizing may impede our steps, but a petite jacket that hits close to the mid-thigh is a warm option without the hassle of needing a tailor. This length and style offer the exact type of balance in symmetry we’re looking to achieve in style and fit, all the while maintaining an important level of coverage from the elements. The long down coat is an amazing option for the woman looking for both style and comfort.

The Parka

A women’s winter parka is an incredible option for the petite woman looking for both practicality and style. Boasting function and fashion, it’s an ideal middle ground for achieving protection from the elements while maintaining a sense of style, too. What also makes the women’s winter parka an ideal choice is its ease of use and inherent versatility. With the ability to flow from all types of weather, it’s perfect for evading the elements. Both waterproof and windproof, the parka tops our list of warmest winter coats—our choice for both comfort and coziness. But above all: the parka packs an important style component that’s essential to petite frames. Hitting around the ideal length—a little below the hip—makes this women’s winter coat style a great choice to get you through the colder months.

The Wool Dress Coat

Despite our best efforts at true hibernation, winter can necessitate formal times, too. And on the days where we need to dress up our winter looks, we like to reach for an iconic look: the women’s wool coat. The perfect big coat for petites, the insulated wool dress coat hits at our mid-thigh length for a streamlined look that’s unfussy but totally sophisticated. And because of its concealed zipper, this style gives off the effects of a monochromatic look—a professional style tip that helps to visually elongate the body.

The Quilted Down Jacket

Our favorite part about a quilted down jacket is its naturally oversized appearance and classic texture and design. Because it’s intentionally meant to look bigger, it takes the pressure off our search for that mid-thigh silhouette. This style hits just below the waist, creating a trendy look that perfectly complements any modern wardrobe. And of all the women’s down coats that are made for winter, this one does double duty. Given its added bulk, you reap double the warmth and comfort with built-in insulation that always goes the extra style mile. And with no wrong way to wear this style, there are endless styling options. Pair with jeans in the winter or skirts on cooler spring days for a look that’s completely on-trend—no matter the season.

As with all things related to petite frames, choosing oversized coats or big winter jackets with the right dimensions will make your wardrobe an easy-fit success. The most important thing about choosing your outfits is always picking the pieces that make you feel your most confident, cozy, and comfortable.


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