Big and Tall Men’s Swimsuits

Big and Tall Men’s Swimsuits

In the swimsuit market, there are plenty of styles available for body types of all types, including big and tall swimsuit styles. If you’re a big and tall man, it’s important to pick big and tall sizing whenever possible, whether that’s big and tall dress shirts or big and tall pants. Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for big and tall men’s swimsuits for summer or your upcoming vacation.

First of All, What Is Tall Sizing?

In our article about the differences between regular sizing, big and tall sizing, and tall sizing, we explain that "if you’re around 6’2” or taller, it’s no secret that it’s hard to find pants and shirts that fit right. But whether you have a long torso or legs, tall clothing helps you achieve the fit you’ve always wanted. Tall shirts are perfect for men with long torsos. These shirts fall below the waist, unlike regular shirts that may hover a little too high. They also have sleeves that reach the wrists — a necessity if you have long arms. While tall shirts add length to the torso and sleeves, tall pants can offer more “rise,” which is the length between the crotch to the waist. There are also tall pants that have standard rises with longer pant lengths." So, whether you’re big and tall or just tall, there are men’s clothing styles made exclusively for your shape.

What Are Big and Tall Sizes?

Our article further explains that big and tall sizes are meant for people who have a wide chest, hips, and waist, and "often feel that your big shirts and pants lack length or room." The article continues, "big and tall sizes go beyond XL and offer the extra length in the sleeves, rise, and pant lengths that you need to feel just right in both formal and casual situations." If you don’t know your exact sizing, simply get a measuring tape to measure your body to ensure you know what sizes to shop. And while this may not seem as important for swimsuits, it’s actually just as important: having a swimsuit that fits is important for the summer months.

Get a Pair of Big and Tall Men’s Swim Trunks

Swimsuits come in all different sizes and shapes, including styles made specifically for big and tall men. When shopping for a new swimsuit, be sure to check out the selection of big and tall swim trunks, which are naturally tailored to fit a bigger frame. There are even swim shirts and rash guards available in big and tall sizes, too. When shopping, it’s important to try on items in big and tall sizes when available. That way, you won’t be struggling to find shirts that are long enough or pants that fit your waist correctly. Instead, these items will be made to perfectly fit your shape.

Try a Men’s Rash Guard

Big and tall men who crave a little more coverage will find what they need in a rash guard. A rash guard is a lightweight, long-sleeved shirt that is waterproof and quick-drying—and meant to be worn as a swimsuit. You can wear it swimming, boating while playing water sports, or just lounging in the sand. In addition to extra coverage, men’s rash guards also offer protection from the sun, according to an article on In the article, author Francesca Krempa states that “[Rash guards are] lightweight but extremely durable, made explicitly to fend off the sun and salt. Especially at the beach, where the sun is high and constantly reflecting off water and sand, wearing a rash guard on your torso can make a huge difference on sensitive summer skin.” So, by wearing a rash guard to the beach, pool, or lake, you’re also protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

There are many styles of big and tall swimsuits available for you to wear throughout the summer months. You can go classic with a pair of swim trunks or try something with a little more coverage by opting for a long-sleeved (but breathable!) men’s rash guard. Whatever you decide on, remember to keep an eye out for the items that come in big and tall sizes—they’ll be the items that fit your body best.


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