Big and Tall Essentials That Never Go Out of Style

Big and Tall Essentials That Never Go Out of Style

If you’re a big and tall man, you know how important it is to have clothes that fit your body type just right. When you need to make outfits that you don’t have to change year after year, go for timeless classics that you can match with anything. What are the key items you should have in your closet so that you can look great every season without having to buy new clothes often? Here are the classic essentials that will never go out of style.

What Is Big and Tall?

Big and tall sizes accommodate a man with a wide chest, hips, and waist. If you feel like your jeans are too short at the ankles or that your shirt sleeves aren’t long enough, you’re most likely a big and tall body type. Big and tall men also often need more room in the chest and waist. If you have challenges finding your perfect fit, then switching to big and tall sizes may be for you. Big and tall sizes are available in a variety of clothing—from jeans to regular T-shirts. You can also find big and tall sizes in business casual clothing so that you can have the perfect fit in the office. Items like blazers and slacks can also be custom hemmed or tailored to give you an even better fit.

Big and Tall Jeans

For the past century through today, jeans have become a classic must-have for anyone’s closet. Though the styles of jeans can differ as trends come and go, there are basic cuts, rises, and washes that stay fashionable no matter what the magazines say. If you want to get big and tall jeans that will last through the years, aim for medium to dark washes that come in a standard or relaxed fit. Trends like “skinny jeans” or flares come and go, but straight-leg options tend to have more evergreen value. This doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in light washes or some stretchy slim-fit jeans, but make sure you have the timeless options in your closet as well.

The same rules apply to big and tall shorts. Get them in medium to dark jean washes or timeless materials like chinos or khakis. These are going to look fashionable no matter what trends come and go in men’s clothing.

Big and Tall T-Shirts

Across the decades, nothing is more timeless than the classic T-shirt. This basic item can be worn under dress shirts, flannel shirts, and sweaters as an undershirt. T-shirts can also be worn alone as a complete top when the weather is warmer. With so many ways to wear and use big and tall tee shirts, it's no wonder why it's been a mainstay in fashion since the 21st century. You can find big and tall T-shirts in a variety of materials—from 100% cotton to athletic material blends—that help you stay cool all day long.

Though patterns can sometimes go in and out of style, you can select some timeless prints like stripes to change up your T-shirt game once in a while. It also doesn’t hurt to have a few fun screen-printed T-shirts to show off your fandom for a favorite movie or band. After all, you don’t need just basics in your closet, but a few surprise pieces can make your outfits more interesting.

Big and Tall Sweaters

In the fall and winter, nothing is more timeless than men’s big and tall sweaters with a pair of jeans. When you select sweaters in solid colors like black, gray, or blue, you can be sure that they will match with the dress pants and jeans you have in your closet. You can also wear big and tall sweaters under button-down shirts with some slacks so for a fashionable business casual outfit.

Big and tall sweaters have the right length of sleeves and are wide enough around the chest to give your body the proper fit. When clothes fit you as they should, you look your best and feel more confident. Take care of your sweaters properly so that they don’t shrink or lose their shape in the wash. This is especially important for high-maintenance materials like cashmere. By following the sweater’s specific care directions, you can keep your timeless big and tall clothing for years.

Big and Tall Polo Tops

When it comes to the best leisure and business casual wear, men’s polo tops are at the top of the list. Since they are incredibly versatile and can be worn out on the green, in the office, or at a casual get-together, there’s no wonder why big and tall polo tops will always be a safe choice for your timeless big and tall wardrobe.

These big and tall essentials are the mainstays in every man’s wardrobe because they never go out of style. From T-shirts to a well-loved pair of jeans, these are your go-to outfits to get you through each season in style.


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