Bianca Jagger & The Key Items that Made Her a Style Icon

Bianca Jagger & The Key Items that Made Her a Style Icon

The 1970s has many memorable women. Lynda Carter, Mary Tyler Moore, Farrah Fawcett, Carol Burnett, and Diane Keaton come to mind, yet one that stands out as a fashion icon is model and actress Bianca Jagger. Originally from Nicaragua, the Latin beauty traveled to London, England, and became a fashion model in the 1960s and the1970s. She also acted in several films around this time and was married and divorced Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger. She traveled extensively and was a regular at the famous New York club Studio 54.

Jagger has always been an active speaker on social and environmental issues. She started her own Human Rights organization, which she is still involved in, and has collaborated with many similar organizations such as Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch. Among her environmental work, she has been passionate about preserving the rainforest in the Amazon and restoring deforested areas worldwide.

Jagger's sense of style has always been exotic and unique, just like her. Here are the key items that made her a style icon both in the 70s and today.

She Is Bold with Her Prints

Throughout her younger years, Jagger has never shied away from the statement patterns. An early picture shows Jagger in an indigenous striped poncho-style outfit. Other photos show her lounging in tribal patterned women's tops and dresses, some of which use geometric and floral designs. Speaking of fabulous florals, Jagger more recently wore a stunning dress covered in red, black, white, and yellow flowers. The flowers aren't small, delicate, or orderly. The material is a profusion of big and beautiful blooms, making Jagger look like a walking bouquet. Today, Jagger also favors animal prints, with an amazing picture of her in a cheetah print dress with a statement necklace and earrings like giant cat claws. She can also be seen in a palm-patterned dress in gorgeous greens that call to mind her native Nicaragua. There is a more recent photo of her in a kimono overlayer that is decorated with Asian-style nature scenes in an eye-catching black and white.

She Loves Lace

Lace is such an elegant fabric. Jagger has modeling pictures of her in white lace. One has her posing in a white lacey dress with a deep v neckline and loose sleeves, while another shows her in a white lace top with white lace gloves. Against her sun-kissed skin, this fabric choice looks fabulous. More recently, Jagger has lovely pictures of her in beautiful black lace. One is a spaghetti strap top with a black lace overlay cut in a crew neck and a short-sleeved design. She also uses black lace edging for another all-black outfit that includes a black silk poncho and black silk women's pants.

She Wears Beautiful Hats

Jagger has worn women's hats throughout her life, a unique choice since hats are less common now. When she was younger, she liked large hats, the kind that one might wear to an elegant garden party. One has tulle for the band. Another is covered in flowers. Another interesting hat style of Jagger's is a black pillbox hat with white feathers and black lace lightly covering her face. This lace covering is even used in some of Jagger's other hats. She has several simple straw hats like the bowler style that shows up in that sits beautifully on top of her onyx curls. Even today, Jagger has a picture of her in an asymmetrical gray hat with small feathers arranged in a starburst design. Very chic!

She Chooses Daring Necklines

Jagger is definitely famous for her bold necklines, especially in the 70s. Pictures of her in plunging v-necklines abound, and she looks amazing. Jagger rocks black halter tops and sriped tube tops and has another beautiful white dress with a skirt full of tulle and an off-the-shoulder neckline as well. She even has some pictures of her in buttoned blazers with no shirt underneath. Quite bold! Jagger still favors v-necklines with some of her black lace pieces using the style. She also creates that same v- shape by wearing women's jackets and blazers, especially during her charity speeches. Another neckline that Jagger likes is the one-shoulder design. There is a lovely picture of her in a soft rose dress draped over one shoulder with the other bare.

A Horse!

We can't fail to mention the famous picture of Jagger riding on a beautiful white horse! While this one may not be an accessory you can add to your wardrobe, you can take a cue from Jagger's playbook and remember to always be creative and free in your style.

Now that you know which elements have made Jagger a style icon, try them out yourself and see how you can make them work for you!


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