Best Workout Leggings for Yoga & Running

Best Workout Leggings for Yoga & Running

Wellness and fitness are not just trendy. They are also proving themselves to be a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. Women’s loungewear and athleisure wear are staples in most people’s wardrobes these days. Not only are these garments comfortable, but also activities like yoga, running, and other styles of workout have been proven to keep you looking and feeling great. Workout styles and mindfulness practices like yoga help to keep you physically fit, manage stress, have more rested sleep, and stay overall healthier and happier. 

Whether you are a long-time active person or you are setting your New Year's resolutions, getting moving with all the right gear may help you feel fit, fabulous, and prepared for whatever exercise style works best for you. Runners and yogis alike want to be sure they are wearing the right clothes that are not only flattering but also functional. If you’ve ever been to a yoga class or spin class wearing the wrong clothes, you probably remember feeling uncomfortable, distracted, and even self-conscious about what you were wearing. We’ve all been there! However, with so many different kinds of workout clothes out there, sometimes it can hard to know what clothes are going to work best for you. Choosing what is best for you is going to be based on a combination of personal needs, personal style, and overall function. While it’s hard to go wrong with workout clothes, wearing the ideal clothes for your workout needs is only going to help enhance your exercise routine.

Some of the most popular workout clothes on the market are leggings. Leggings are an all-around favorite and beloved bottom. It’s no wonder: they’re typically comfortable, versatile, easily dressed up or down, and almost always flattering. While you can wear your standard everyday leggings for your yoga or spin class, chances are you’ll feel more comfortable in leggings that are specifically designed for working out. So what differentiates workout leggings from everyday leggings? 

How to Find the Best Workout Leggings

For working out, leggings have become just as popular as women’s joggers and are more high-tech than ever before. Workout leggings typically differ from everyday leggings in the material, shape, and even design. While everyday leggings are good for many things, workout leggings are almost always best worn while exercising for their function and design. Whether you are doing a low-intensity yoga practice, a long-distance run, or a high-intensity workout, your workout leggings should be comfortable, moisture-wicking, opaque (not see-through), breathable, and durable. They should fit well, sit well, stay up, and also look good. When choosing performance or workout leggings, you will also want to choose high-quality and well-made leggings that are resistant to stretching, pilling, and fading. 

When choosing what workout leggings to get, there are a few things you can check. Choose synthetic performance fabrics, like nylon and polyester. These are better than cotton for yoga and running because they are durable, stretchier, and moisture-wicking. Runners often prefer a legging that is shiny or smooth to reduce chafing while running. Yogis, on the other hand, prefer a softer fabric that looks more matte for their studio practice. The construction of the workout leggings is also going to be important. Check that inside seams are smooth and flat so that they don’t chafe the skin. A gusset in the crotch area is also helpful for comfort and to prevent leggings from riding up. Choose leggings that are moisture-wicking and that are opaque enough to not be see-through when you bend down—especially if you plan on doing any downward dogs. The perfect workout leggings will stay on comfortably without pinching while you move. This is important to those who run or do any other high-intensity workout. You don’t want to be running while pulling up your leggings. Check that the legging rests comfortably on your hips or waist without pinching and that the legs themselves have enough structure and stretch to effectively hug your shape so that they stay on and don’t slip.  

10 Best Workout Leggings

Now that we’ve covered what makes a great workout legging, let’s cover our top picks in workout leggings for yoga, running, and any other exercise to help you on your search for the perfect leggings for you.

1. Active Yoga Pants

Women’s Active Yoga Pants are a great choice in women’s yoga pants, but also as all-around excellent workout pants. Leggings meet your favorite joggers: these yoga pants are fitted with a sleek fit and widening legs for extra comfort — perfect for your favorite flow class or some gentle meditation. This streamlined design has a wide waistband fit with a hidden pocket. The wide waistband offers more comfort and support without compromising on the sleek look. Moisture-wicking stretch fabric is soft, comfortable, and durable for even the most intensive yoga class. Designed with yoga in mind, these pants are still a great choice for running. This Active Yoga Pant legging is the perfect workout legging for any body shape.  

2. Active Seamless Leggings

The Active Seamless Leggings are quite literally a workout legging dream come true. Lightweight, moisture-wicking, and supportive fabric sits on the skin in a way that feels like a second skin. The wide waistband hugs the waist for perfect support without ever feeling too tight. There is no side seam, just a splendidly smooth leg. This prevents bulking, chafing, or rubbing, making these seamless leggings perfect for wearing comfortably under a long shirt or sweater dress when going to and from the yoga studio. Get these leggings to help you move freely. They are truly the classic ideal workout legging that every woman needs. 

3. Starfish Mid-Rise Knit Leggings

You can seamlessly take these Starfish Mid-Rise Knit Leggings from the yoga studio to the jogging trails. These classic-looking leggings are sleek and substantial, giving extra support and thickness without bunching and bulking. Made of fine cotton with elastic for stretch, these leggings are perfect for low-intensity workouts where you don’t break a big sweat. Breathable and soft, we love these for outdoor jogging and gentle yoga classes. Wear with your favorite comfy cotton shirt or women's sweatshirt

4. Sport Knit High-Rise Corduroy Leggings

These cozy leggings offer everything you love about fuzzy corduroy mixed with everything you love about leggings. Get these leggings for any outdoor workout because they are thicker and warmer. With a comfortable waistband, pockets, and flattering fit, these leggings are a great choice for those who love being active and love wearing corduroy. 

5. High-Rise Tight

High-rise and tight leggings are popular among many women who practice yoga or run. The high-rise waist sits comfortably on the natural waistline without slipping or pinching. The wide waistband covers the belly in a way that feels comfortable and supported for many women. Tight leggings are also ideal for high-intensity sports and running. The tightness of the fabric holds the body in a way that discourages the leggings from slipping down. A top pick for yogis and runners alike, High-Rise Tight leggings are flattering as well as functional.

6. High-Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets

Every woman loves a flattering waistline and pockets. High-Waisted Yoga Pants with pockets offers just that. Perfect for yogis who like doing a lot of bending and stretching, the high waist of these yoga pants offers more room and comfort for even the stretchiest of yoga postures. High-waisted yoga pants are popular not just for their support but also for holding the middle in place without pinching around the hips. The pockets are a big plus for keeping anything small you want on hand. 

7. High-Rise Compression Slimming Pocket Leggings

High-Rise Compression Slimming leggings are perfect for the individual who wants optimal comfort and function while also enjoying their supportive slimming effect. Soft, comfy, stretchy, and flattering, these leggings are perfect for yoga and running alike. A built-in mesh on the inside of the waist helps hold the leggings perfectly in place against your body without slipping, rubbing, or chafing. Enjoy long outdoor runs in these beauties, which also happen to have pockets and provide UPF sun protection.

8. Active 5 Pocket Pants

We all love pockets, but some women really love them and actually may need extra space. These Active 5 workout pants are a cross between leggings and women’s sweatpants, making them looser fitting but still flattering. They come with functional pockets for the woman who wants to easily carry her phone or keys while doing yoga or jogging. These are the perfect go-to active pants, and if you love pockets, these are the right leggings for you.

9. Straight Leg Active Chino Pants

If leggings aren’t your favorite workout pants or you want to mix it up, a pair of Straight Leg Active Chino Pants is for you. Designed for a wide range of activities, these moisture-wicking and durable pants are perfect for trail running or yoga. The loose fit of the legs offers more ventilation and cool comfort, like your favorite sweatpants. 

10. High-Rise Elastic Waist Pull-On Capri Pants

Capri yoga pants are cute, cool, and comfy. The high rise and wide elastic waistband make them easy to pull on and off for quick changes before and after your workout. No need to work hard to get in and out of your workout pants with these flattering, comfortable, and functional capri pants.  

The best workout leggings for you are going to depend on your personal style, your workout style, and how you love to feel in your workout leggings. Remember, ultimately, the perfect legging you find is going to make you feel happy while making you feel fit. Search no further — we’ve got you covered.


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