The Best Work Pants for Men

The Best Work Pants for Men

Finding the best work pants for men takes just a little bit of research to get the perfect fit. What you do for work will largely drive what is suitable for you to wear on the bottom. From ultra-durable men's jeans to those casual men's chinos, there are different types of men's work pants for any occasion. Let your pants do the heavy lifting with this guide for the best work pants for men.

Best Work Pants for Men

In the modern age, there are countless materials that keep you comfortable, warm, and safe throughout the workday. Today is all about personal expression, so the styles are endless too. From the office to the warehouse, there's a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from. Avoid getting overwhelmed with this comprehensive guide for men's work pants.

Our Fits


There's nothing more classic than the traditional-fit chino. Typically, these straight-leg pants aren't too baggy or too tight. They go well with a variety of footwear, from tennis shoes to leather loafers. It's easy to pair these with men’s sports coats for a trendy, relaxed look that means business. But don't think these classic styles aren't super cozy. 

Straight Fit

For guys who loved our old Tailored Fit, our new straight fit is for you! The straight is a perfectly balanced fit that will sit at the waist. They're straight and smooth through the hip and thigh. Our men's dress shirts work perfectly with these casual pants.

Athletic Fit

Our Athletic fit will provide a little extra room in the rear, hip, and thigh with a flattering, slimming leg. These will sit at the waist, but be easy through the hip and thigh with a tapered leg.

Slim Fit

Try our new Slim Fit for a flattering and slim, but never skinny fit. These pants have been redesigned with a leg shape to be better for more body types. Our Slim fit will sit at the waist and be slim though the hip and thigh with a slim leg.

Our Styles

Comfort First

Say goodbye to stuffy, stiff pants and hello to the most comfy pants you've ever worn. These wardrobe staples are a man's best friend for a reason.  Our Comfort-First pants will provide an extra 2 inches of stretch for added ease of movement. On top, sport a few men's flannel shirts for a casual yet office-ready vibe that easily transitions to an outdoor workplace.

No Iron Chino

You know and love our famous wrinkle-resistant finish, but that's just the beginning. We've recently redesigned our fits to be even better, but kept the important stuff: like durable, stain resistant fabric, and custom hemming. They're our most popular chinos for good reason.

Knockabout Chinos

Our Knockabout Chinos are rooted in the belief that chinos should look great and be comfortable to wear. These cotton and spandex blend pants are washed several times for a soft and comfortable feel.


Our Bedford pants have a classic 5 pocket style, just like your favorite jeans. With just a hint of stretch and extra cozy, we guarantee these pants won't spend much time on the hanger.

Flannel Lined

For those chilly mornings, try a pair of our flannel lined chinos or jeans. Add a men's flannel shirt with a men's down vest on top to finish off the look.

Tips on Finding the Best Work Pants

When it comes to finding the best work pants for men, you want to keep a few things in mind.

First, what do you do for work? Are you standing and sitting often, or do you typically stay in one place? Is it cold or hot? Do you need extra insulation or thinner materials? These questions help you determine the function of your pants, which is essential for many different types of jobs. For example, somebody who works in a warehouse will likely want the durability of denim, while somebody commuting on foot during the cold months may want a thick flannel lined pant that keeps them warm.

The second important thing to keep in mind is your company dress code. If your office has a more casual vibe, you may be able to get away with a wide variety of pants. However, more formal offices or workplaces that have safety concerns may require specialized pants to get the job done.

Lastly, think about your personal style. Choose pants and stylings that flatter your body and come in your favorite colors. Don't be afraid to experiment every so often and try something new. You never know what you'll end up enjoying.

Features to Look for in Work Pants

There are several features you want to look for in work pants. Those who work outdoors in construction, in warehouses, or in maintenance certainly want to make sure that, first and foremost, their pants function. Durability is a key issue here, so look for thicker materials, such as denim, thick cotton, or durable synthetics. Flannel-lined pants may be an excellent option for winter, while a more breathable synthetic might be the best choice for summer work. Next, you want to make sure the features of the pants, including pockets and zippers, suit your line of work. Overly baggy, ill-fitting pants can be a workplace hazard or nuisance, so ensure your pants fit your job.

If you're an office worker, always make sure you sit down when you try on work pants. If you experience any pinching or squeezing, try sizing up or getting a different style that fits your body type better. You also want to think about transitioning from inside to outside if you commute by foot. Have a variety of styles that are lightweight and heavyweight for both winter and summer conditions. 

What Are the Most Comfortable Work Pants?

Comfort is a subjective concept, so there is no one pair of work pants that's the most comfortable. To find the most comfortable work pants, you're going to want to try on a variety of styles, cuts, and sizes to determine what works best for you. In general, you don't want to experience any pinching, squeezing, or limited movement with your work pant. Buy pants with a comfortable waistline that doesn't bother you while you sit or stand.  Style with a men's belt or slightly loose or fitting pants.

Secondly, you want your work pants to feel like you. You'll be more comfortable if you're confident in the style you're wearing. Mix and match with tighter and roomier fits to figure out what it is you enjoy most.

Material plays an important role in the comfort of your pants, so select a material that suits the line of work you're doing. If you tend to run hot, avoid thicker pants, and instead, go for lighter materials. For outside work in winter, you want a fleece-lined pant or thicker denim to keep you warm.

What Are the Most Durable Work Pants?

Durability is an important aspect of any pair of work pants, especially for those who work outdoors or do manual labor for a living. You want to select the work pants that are specific for these lines of work since they often are created with durability in mind. Denim is always a durable material; however, it may limit your range of motion. Select a size that lets you move freely. Some of these pants come in light varieties for hot weather work, while others have more insulating properties. Try to avoid baggy pants if you work outdoors. With baggy fits, it’s easy for them to snag on things and tear without warning. Instead, opt for a more snug fit or even a slim fit to avoid unwanted snags. 

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of men's work pants, there's a lot to consider. However, with endless styling options and new materials coming out all the time, it's easy to find comfortable work pants you'll love to wear day in and day out. Don't forget to choose from a variety of styles and materials to suit the changing weather throughout the year. Remember, the best men's work pants are the ones that make you feel the most confident to tackle your day.


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