Best Women's Winter Coats to Pair with Jeans

Best women's winter coats to pair with jeans

Winter offers endless layering and outerwear options. Get the most out of your jeans this winter by styling them with wool coats or swanky sweaters that'll make you feel like you're in a wonderland wherever you go. 

Depending on where you live, you might've gotten some use out of a pair or two of jeans this summer. We've got news for you. Those temps are about to drop, and before you know it, you can now pull those jeans of yours out. The cooler months ahead call for some serious layering. Incorporating the right women's winter coats is going to be the key wardrobe decision for fighting the cold and finishing off any look.

No matter what your body type is, there's a coat to pair perfectly with any jeans you're in the mood to wear. Winter is already a challenge when it comes to fashion. Every woman has asked herself: “How much layering is too much?” If you've ever questioned whether your boots match your sweater, what the right kind of sweater pairs with your jeans, or whether a coat will hit you at just the right length, we have the answers. It's a lot to keep in mind, so we're here to help make it easier on you. Our size options are some of the best in the biz. You can shop from regular, plus size, petite, tall, or petite plus. Impressive, right? We think so, too.

It's getting hot in here

Regardless of the style of coat you choose, there are so many different types of jeans that work perfectly. One really important factor to keep in mind when making your final decision on what to wear each day is how cold it is and how long you'll be outside. Thank goodness for our temperature ratings. Each coat is strategically designed with your location and lifestyle in mind! So if you're going to be out in the snow, look to make sure your warmest winter coats are able to battle sub-zero temps with ease. Alternatively, if your area doesn't experience winter's harsher weather conditions, a more lightweight coat is really all you need to keep cozy all season long.

Down: it won't let you down

There are so many different silhouettes and styles to choose from with a down material; you really can't go wrong with any option. If you're sporting a long down coat, we recommend complementing that with a pair of skinny jeans. It's a great counterbalance of shapes from top to bottom. What's even more exciting is that that type of look is really versatile with footwear, and can go with whatever plans you have. First date? Pair with heels. Girls' dinner? Opt for a flat boot.

If you're more into a short coat look, a pair of high-rise jeans are definitely the way to go. Whether they are flare or skinny is totally up to you. An outfit like this is born to be worn in a more casual setting, so go out to run those errands or grab a quick lunch with friends. You deserve to look cute doing it all.

Pea coat perfection: we're here for it

Okay, this is it. Winter doesn't always need to showcase brown, black, and gray. Shocking news? Hear us out! A bright statement piece adds some fun to your cold-weather ensemble and helps you shine in a sea of winter drab. The best way to do that is with a colorful pea coat. Go for a neutral denim jean and then bring in that pop with a vibrant orange or blue jacket.

Parkas: welcome to our hood

The coziest and cutest coat around – the parka. These warm hugs can be styled very much like the down coats. The jeans you pair them with are all about the length of the parka. An additional bonus with a hooded jacket is the variety of styles to keep your wardrobe looking fly all winter long. If you want something more fitted and flattering, choose a parka featuring a cinched waist. You can also add to that flattery with a pair of women's black jeans in a skinny silhouette.

If you're a faux fur kind of gal, then you should definitely get in on the parka trend. The fur-lined hoods bring a luxurious look to your winter wear instantly. The most thrilling part? You can get a parka with a down material to really layer on the style and substance.

Living your vest life: how to do it right

There's an art required to styling women's winter vests in a fashionable way. A turtleneck with flared jeans is a really cute look with a down puffer vest. Opt for a more basic long-sleeve shirt and slim-fit jean when wearing a longer vest – it'll bring the right balance to your look. Faux-fur lovers can also get in on the vest trend with a hooded version.

You can always add some spice to your vest life with a velvet material or a plaid print. If you go that route, just make sure the rest of your ensemble is more muted. Keep the jeans on the subtle side – nothing too statement-making like rhinestones or embroidery. We want people to notice you as you walk into the room because your outfit fits like a dream and you look fierce and flawless.

Consider the length

Aside from the material and type of coat, consider the length. Long, mid, and short will all look great with jeans, but for example, a longer coat might look better with more fitted style jeans, such as skinnies. A mid-length coat will look good with tighter fitted jeans too. If you’re going with a shorter-length coat, it is the most versatile. It will pair well with bootcut, boyfriend, skinnies, and so much more. This is all based on personal preference, as well. If you like your boyfriend jeans with a long winter jacket, go for it! Most jean types and washes will go with the various coat types.


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