Best Winter Wardrobe Accessories

Best Winter Accessories: A Guide to Hats, Gloves and Long Underwear

Now that you’ve finally found that perfect winter coat you probably think you’re ready to tackle anything the season can throw at you, right? Wrong. A winning winter wardrobe is more than just the coat. Think of it as a team effort where every winter accessory you wear plays an important part. Don’t make the rookie mistake of tackling winter without a strong defense on your side. Check out our suggestions for some of the best winter accessories to help you stay warm, in cold weather, this year.

Long Underwear:

Take our word for it, long underwear has come a long way. Gone are the days of adult-sized flannel onesies with those supposed-to-be-functional-but-actually-pretty-cartoony button flaps in the back. Nope, the long underwear of today is made not only to keep you warm, but also to wick away moisture. At you’ll find sleek, breathable, moisture-wicking long underwear for the whole family from toddlers to adults. And if you’re wondering when you might need to throw some on, we’re pretty sure you’ll love hitting the slopes with a pair of our Thermaskin Heat Pants and Thermaskin Heat Crew tops keeping you warm and flexible as you race your kids down the mountain. The high-performance fabric not only maintains your body’s heat but also actually generates heat by absorbing body moisture. So, you know, no need to let the kids win this one.

Fleece Hat:

Remember when you were little and your mom would make you wear a hat in the winter, claiming it was because 80% of your body heat escaped from the top of your head? Well, it may come as a shock but this myth has since been debunked. The truth is your hatless head will lose body heat when outdoors, but not because heat rushes to the top of your head when looking for a way out. Any part of your body uncovered during extreme cold will allow heat to escape. 

Do yourself a favor and protect your head from falling snow and harsh winds this winter with one of our soft, lightweight fleece hats. Made from comfortable, soft fleece that’s also 100% machine washable. If you’re looking for more full-face protection, consider one of our ThermaCheck 100 balaclava fleece hats that can be worn over your nose or under your chin.

The other great thing about fleece hats is they come in so many different colors that they’ll match almost anything you’re wearing. For a fun pop of color, pick a bolder-colored hat to go with your neutral-colored jacket and boots. So, they are fashionable and warm–making winter hats one of the best winter accessories out there!

Winter Scarves and Wraps:

If you’re still feeling a little fashion starved, this winter, try adding a vibrant winter scarf or winter wrap to your outerwear. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, our acrylic, wool blend and knit scarfs are another great way to add a pop of color, personality and warmth to a cold and dreary day. And there’s no reason why you have to hang your scarf up with your coat. A warm scarf is a great wardrobe accessory that not only keeps you warm on a freezing day but also looks great with your favorite knit top and jeans.

Winter wraps are another fashionable choice for keeping warm and looking good this winter. Throw a gorgeous shawl or poncho over an otherwise low-key outfit to add a bit of elegant style to your everyday look. 


We don’t have to tell you how important a good pair of gloves is to surviving winter. What we may have to inform you of, however, is that you shouldn’t rely on one pair of gloves to get you through the entire season. After all, you wouldn’t wear your Sunday best to a snowball fight, so why expect to wear your ski gloves to the office?

Enjoy those snow day adventures with a pair of cozy fleece gloves protecting your do-it-all hands from the freezing cold. Stay warm with the 100 Fleece Ruched EZ Touch Gloves, offered in a variety of colors and patterns, perfect for the person who likes to stand out in a snowbank. And with the EZ Touch fingertip on the thumb and index finger you’ll never have to sacrifice a warm hand for a  selfie again.

For a “dressier” look, we also offer cashmere-lined gloves. We promise you’ll love the soft, luxurious feel of the cashmere lining against your hands inside these leather beauties. Not to mention all of the compliments you’ll get on your classic look when you wear these gorgeous gloves with your oh-so-professional wool coat.

Wool Boot Sock:

Don’t forget to protect your feet from the freezing cold and snow. Treat your feet right, this winter, and protect them from the cold with a pair of heavyweight wool boot socks. Not only will the soft wool blend keep your feet ultra-warm but the moisture-wicking element of our wool socks will also keep them dry.  Your socks don’t have to be boring, either! They come in a plethora of colors and patterns.

Don’t waste your day wishing you were more prepared for what’s out there. Put these essential winter accessories to work while feeling fashionable from your fleece hat all the way to your wool boot socks!


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