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Best Lightweight Windbreaker Jackets for a Spring Hike

The best windbreakers for a spring hike will keep you comfortable and protected from any breezes that blow your way. Find out how to get the best durable, functional, and stylish jackets for your warm-weather activities.

Packable Windbreakers

Lightweight but ready to beat the wind, packable windbreakers are the best option for when you need a layer or jacket that can be stowed away and pulled out and used as needed. Whether it’s a long hike on a nature trail or an afternoon at the park, having packable jackets on hand means it’s easy to get warm when a breeze kicks up or the temperatures dip slightly. A packable windbreaker jacket is also an ideal option for camping, biking, jogging, and other situations where you don’t want to be bogged down with extra weight but could use the convenience and comfort of a windbreaker.

Waterproof Windbreaker Jackets

When you want to be prepared for anything this spring, having a waterproof windbreaker jacket might be your best bet. The best raincoats are going to be slightly heavier than packable styles, designed to not only keep the wind at bay but also provide water resistance against sudden spring showers or storms. These are great for any type of outdoor activity when the weather might be slightly unpredictable, for general use on rainy days, and even as a casual jacket regardless of the weather.

Sport Windbreakers

You can also find sport windbreakers, such as those designed for rowing, made specifically for outdoor athletic activities. These are often water-resistant and have breathable liners that will help wick away moisture and keep you comfortable. Sport windbreakers are great for hiking as they won’t keep you too hot but will also safeguard against wind and rain. Sporty options also make great choices for kids’ coats for hiking.

Windproof Fleece Jackets

Windproof fleece jackets are another good option when it comes to hiking. These have some additional warmth, so they’re ideal for early spring when the temperatures might be a bit more chilly. Because of their cozy warmth and wind resistance, fleece windproof jackets are also great for hiking at higher elevations where it can be chillier, or for those morning or evening hikes that call for some extra warmth. If you love fleece but don't think you'll need a full jacket, grab a women's fleece vest for your upcoming adventure.

Lined Windbreaker Jackets

Lined windbreakers can be found in many varieties, ranging from insulated rain jackets to lightweight but durable versions with standing collars and that safeguard against the wind, rain, and more. Linings can vary from just a very thin mesh lining to thicker linings designed to retain warmth. The type you need may depend on when and where you hike, as well as whether it’s early or late spring.

Best Features to Look for in a Windbreaker for Spring Hikes

You want to be prepared, so take a look at some of the different features to consider when shopping for a spring windbreaker.

Jacket Colors and Styles

From sporty two-tone designs to simple solid colors to trendy ombre looks, there is a wide range of colors and styles when it comes to spring windbreakers. Choose a favorite that makes you feel great and will help you maximize comfort for all your outdoor activities. You can even opt for some basic cold-weather accessories like a hat or lightweight gloves to match the jacket to help transition through the seasons.

Spring Windbreaker Jacket Care

Fortunately, care is simple for most spring windbreakers and jackets. Unless they become stained or have visible dirt or mud, they may only need occasional washings. Be sure to hang up your jacket after each wear, especially if it is damp. You can spot clean in between washings using a spot cleaner or mild detergent and rinsing with water.

While some jackets may need to be hand-washed, most are machine washable and can be washed easily on a gentle cycle with warm or cool water. In between washings, you can store dryer sheets or cotton balls (with a drop or two of fragrant essential oil on them) in the sleeves or pockets to keep the jacket smelling fresh and clean.

The Best Windbreakers for Comfortable Spring Hiking

The best choice for your windbreaker will have the style and features you need to stay comfortable and healthy during your spring hikes. Whether it’s a men's lightweight windbreaker or a windproof fleece with extra warmth, there are plenty of options for the whole family that make for happy hiking.


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