The Best Wedding Gift Ideas

The Best Wedding Gifts Ideas

The pressure to find the perfect wedding gifts is all too real. Your shopping list might come down to a few different factors; how long you’ve known the couple, how long they’ve been together, whether the couple lives in a house or apartment (or plans to be moving soon), their personal style, hobbies they might share, or if they have kids or pets. You might also have to consider the wedding venue or travel plans – a big, bulky gift isn’t super easy to carry onto a plane. And, of course, there’s your own budget to think about. At this point, we don’t blame you if your head is spinning!

So what is a wedding guest to do? Our top pro tip: Keep it classic, but make it luxurious. A wedding is the combining of two lives, yes – but also two households. Give the gift of home good upgrades, and you’ll win every time. Take a peek at our go-to wedding ideas at Lands’ End.

The Wedding Couple Fleece Throw Blanket

Love for fleece is pretty much universal. So when it comes time to celebrate the nuptials of friends and family alike, you can’t go wrong with a fleece blanket. For your childhood bestie’s winter wedding in Wisconsin? Try the sherpa fleece throw blanket. A coworker’s destination celebration in California? Our lightweight fleece blanket will do the trick. Your younger brother’s engagement party in New York? A plush fleece printed throw delivers the perfect touch of whimsy. No matter the locale, everyone eventually craves the cozy warmth of fleece.

Fleece throw blankets check off a few different boxes in the wedding gift department. Number one: Romance. Who doesn’t want to cuddle up under a blanket with their most significant other? For an added bonus, consider monogrammed blankets. Number two: Décor. A nice blanket, artfully arranged on a living room couch or bedroom chair, ups the cozy factor in any room. Match color and pattern to existing home design if you’re aware of those details; otherwise, stick to neutral colors that will complement anything. And number three: Practicality. Couples don't need 100-piece holiday china sets. A fleece throw blanket can be used daily, unlike that punch bowl that they’d probably be too afraid to bring out of the cabinet. (Do you trust your friends at parties? Didn’t think so).

Couple's Throw

If you’re looking for a blanket that looks a bit more like the ones grandma used to knit—but without actually having to learn yourself—check out our non-fleece options. The chenille lattice throw blanket delivers that old-fashioned feeling in a variety of modern colors. No matter which color you choose, the rich texture will be a welcome addition to any home. No needles required.

For a high-end look without the high-end cost, we’d recommend the cashtouch herringbone throw blanket. Seriously, you won’t believe it’s not cashmere. The lightweight construction makes this blanket a must-have for chilly spring and fall weather. A subtle herringbone pattern runs throughout, with a playful fringe as a finishing touch. Make it an extra personal wedding gift by embroidering the couples’ initials or wedding date at the corner.

Sheets, Duvets, and More

Barely-there thread counts are for college students. After a year of wedding planning – not to mention a day of mingling with every person they’ve ever known – newlyweds deserve the very best sleep. A new set of bed sheets will ensure that every night is comfortable and cozy.

Our favorites right now are the supima cotton no iron sateen printed sheets; at a thread count of 400, these babies are like sleeping on a cloud. Supima is a rare form of cotton, grown right in America, and produces truly luxurious fibers. Plus, every sheet set you gift is supporting American cotton farmers! That’s a win-win. Available in a variety of bright colors with a paisley pattern, these sheets are also just plain fun. For the couple that loves retro flair, check out similar supima cotton sets with embroidered edges. A vine or cane weave pattern offers a bit of old-fashioned style that’s subtle enough to blend into a couple’s existing décor.

Often a wedding gift is doubling as a housewarming gift. If you’re looking to go all out, consider gifting a complete bedding set. Coordinating sheets, shams, duvets, and comforters mean the newly married couple won’t have to worry about a thing before hitting the hay. A complete bedding package is an easy group gift, too—ask other friends or family members if they’d like to contribute.


Much like bedding, bathroom towels tend to fall into the category of “things I should’ve replaced five years ago.” Chances are, your soon-to-be-married friends are in the same boat. Fresh, luxurious towel sets are a welcome gift. You can even match colors, patterns, and prints to bed sheets for a textile takeover. Stick to neutral colors if you’re not sure about their current bathroom design. Kitchen towels, washcloths, and high-quality oven mitts are also great wedding gift ideas, or shower gifts if one is on the agenda.

Self-Care Gift Set

As we’ve already mentioned, planning a wedding is a big job. (And most of us don’t have Jennifer Lopez to help us with all the details). After all the fun is had, most couples need some time to recuperate afterward. That’s why we love the idea of putting together a self-care gift set for head-to-toe pampering.

Let’s start with those toes and talk slippers. A classic moccasin style encases the whole foot in cozy comfort; inner linings of fleece, flannel, or faux fur are soft and warm. Outer materials like leather and suede deliver a durable shell that’s great for indoor lounging but can withstand a quick outdoor adventure if needed. Choose styles or patterns that match the couple’s personalities, from solid colors to leopard print and plaid. Clog and scuff-style varieties offer the same comfort with an easy on and off fit.

Continue the self-care theme with matching pajama bottoms! Women’s and men’s pajama pants come in just about any material and style combo you can imagine. We’ve selected a few of our faves to save you some time. For the bride, check out women's lounge mid-rise wide-leg crop pajama pants. Yes, that’s a mouthful—but we promise these pants are worth it. Ankle-baring lengths are oh so trendy right now, and the wide leg means extra comfort. For the groom, try something a little different with our men's chambray pajama pants. Cotton chambray material offers a more structured take on traditional loungewear. Of course, if you’re looking for traditional, flannel pants are always a good choice. Nothing says, “I love you” quite like matching plaid pajamas.

For wrap-around coziness, add matching robes to the self-care bucket list. Primo Supima cotton now comes in robe form! It's an outstanding addition to any lounge outfit, offering lightweight warmth that looks just as good as it feels. Classic materials like fleece and flannel are also excellent choices.

Some couples choose to postpone their honeymoon for a while or forgo a traditional trip altogether. For the “stay-cationers,” a self-care gift package is a way to still give the newlyweds a fun experience. In addition to the slippers and comfy clothing, throw in some simple date night goodies like a quality bottle of wine or craft beer, drinking glasses, locally made snacks, a few DVDs, a board game, or a gift card to their favorite takeout restaurant. If your friends’ idea of self-care is a trip to the beach or a weekend at their lake house, customize your gift basket with monogrammed beach towels and matching flip-flops. For those who like to cook, trade the robe for an apron and add plush kitchen towels along with ingredients for a home-cooked meal.

Instead of a one-time use gift bag or basket, arrange this epic self-care haul in a sturdy canvas tote bag, backpack, or beach bag. Personalize the bag with a monogram or the wedding date for a memento that can be used in the future. Or get really creative and use a laundry hamper as your base. As they’ll soon find out after merging two closets, you can never have too many!

Bride and Groom Flask Set

Don’t make the happy couple wait until dinner to toast such a joyous occasion—with a custom wedding flask set, they’ll be able to say “cheers!” at any time. Stainless steel flasks can be engraved or printed with names, initials, the wedding date, or even a special saying or inside joke. If you’re in the wedding party, consider buying an engraved flask for everyone so no one is left out of any impromptu libations. Personalized wine glasses, champagne flutes, or beer mugs are fun options for the wedding meal. If you’d like to keep things non-alcoholic, customized water bottles or travel coffee mugs for the couple and/or wedding party show appreciation without any peer pressure.

Bride and Groom Chair Décor

Sometimes, helping with the ceremony or venue decorations can be your gift. Ask how you can contribute to the bride and groom chair décor so the couple of honor can truly stand out. If the wedding is outdoors and more casual, maybe that means gifting outdoor furniture for the head table.

Add shiny, satin throw pillows to the bride and groom’s chairs for some sumptuous, high-end style. Cozy plaid pillows will complement a woodsy-themed or winter wonderland celebration. After the wedding throw pillows can be transitioned to the couch or a guest bedroom for long-term use. 

Make It an Experience

If the couple has been living together for some time, or if this is perhaps not their first marriage, they might not need or want the typical household gifts. Or maybe they simply don’t trust their friends to pick out blankets and towels! In that case, giving an experience-type gift might be an option for you. This could be concert tickets to the couple’s favorite live act, tickets to a museum or a limited showing, all-day passes to a ski resort or fancy spa, or theater passes for movie buffs. Experience gifts show that you care, and also allow the new couple to make new memories together. 

Gift Cards

Some couples are, well, just hard to please when it comes to gifting. In that case, a Lands’ End gift card can come to the rescue. With selections spanning clothing and shoes to home goods, Lands’ End has something for even the pickiest people to love.

Gift cards are often considered to be an impersonal wedding gift, but most modern couples disagree. If you know the bride or groom has a favorite store, or loves to golf at a certain course, or is saving up for a new bicycle—giving cards to specific places or with specific purposes in mind is actually an incredibly thoughtful gesture. Gift cards to local restaurants come in handy for post-wedding wind-downs. Let the newlyweds have a nice meal on your dime. Or, if they’re planning on leaving for a honeymoon trip, a few meals out leaves more time for packing and means there won’t be a fridge full of food left to spoil. No one wants to come home to that!

Following the Registry vs. Going Rogue

An age-old wedding gift question: pick something off the registry, or forge your own path? This is largely dictated by how well you know the couple in question, and how extensive their registry is. The safe answer is, of course, to use the registry as listed. But sometimes the best wedding gift you receive is the one you didn’t expect. You can always run your idea past another friend or family member to ensure your gift idea is one that will be appreciated.


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