Best Ways to Celebrate Spring Indoors in 2023

Best Ways to Celebrate Spring Indoors in 2023

When the weather or the world won’t cooperate, it’s time to celebrate spring indoors! Take advantage of all the creative ways you can make the most of the season without setting foot outdoors. Use these ideas to help inspire your creative celebrations.

Go On a Picnic Inside Your Home

Picnics are always wonderful, but there are a few downsides. Why not take advantage of all the benefits of an indoor picnic? Just think —no bugs, plenty of lighting, and no worries that a sudden rainstorm will ruin your special lunch. You can get as creative as you'd like with an indoor picnic. Whether it’s a romantic evening picnic for couples or a Saturday afternoon family picnic lunch, choose a comfy spot in the house and make it happen.

Set the stage with a great portable picnic set or a pretty seagrass basket and consider a fun theme for the sandwiches and snacks. Make it memorable by creating an upscale picnic, or invite the kids to get creative with their own DIY treats or sides. Set out as many cozy throw pillows and fleece throws as you can find, and watch a nature video to welcome spring when you’re done with your picnic.

Virtually Tour Beautiful Spring Destinations

Take advantage of the internet and virtually travel to all those beautiful destinations you’ve been dreaming of! Plan a time with family or friends to get together and "visit" different locations to see how they celebrate the season of renewal. Explore online videos and live cameras of gardens, parks, or famous outdoor locations to get in the mood for spring and welcome the new foliage and wildlife. You’ll learn a lot about the different locations; you may even have enough knowledge to play a DIY trivia game on the destinations you’ve been browsing. Make the moment last by having everyone draw a picture or write a poem about their favorite destination and why it’s so appealing for spring.

Take Advantage of Online Shopping to Spruce Up Your Home

Thanks to the power of the internet, online shopping is more intuitive than ever. You can have an incredible idea of how new décor and home goods will look in your space just by browsing online. Take some time to relax with an icy lemonade in your favorite water bottle or a sweet tea in your travel mug and start shopping for all the spring décor that will make your heart sing. Consider what might need refreshing throughout your home. Will a spring bathroom makeover & nbsp; hit the mark? A fresh new shower curtain, bath rugs, and monogrammed bath towels will do the trick. Is it a kitchen refresh needed to welcome spring? Look at new tableware and kitchen linens in soothing or vibrant shades. And don’t forget about the accents! The little things like luxury soap sets, pretty candles, and decorative baskets will make the perfect finishing touches for your spring home décor update.

Grow an Indoor Garden

Bringing some plants indoors is a great way to celebrate the season and make your home feel spring-like. Choose from easy-care plants like succulents to create your own garden, or take it a step further with indoor flowers, potted plants, or even a mini herb garden. If you have a little space and a window where your plants can get some sunlight, you’re well on your way to bringing the outdoors in and celebrating spring with a special touch of optimistic greenery. Don’t forget the essentials like spring-themed planters or gardening gloves too.

Get Your Spring Reading On with Fresh Favorites

Nothing is better for relaxing than settling down in your favorite women’s T-shirt and jeans and curling up with a great book. Browse spring reading lists to get a glimpse of what’s hot this season, from novels to biographies to great new non-fiction reads. Check out your library app on your smartphone or another device to see what is being recommended or what the latest checkouts are, or order digital books off of the most recent best-seller lists. For families, choosing the best spring family books to read can be inspirational and entertaining. From learning something new about the world around us to celebrating with a great new story, spending time as a family with books is a great indoor activity to try.

Get Creative with DIY Spring Artwork

Whether you grab some items from around the house to upcycle for a unique centerpiece or you try your hand at a simple watercolor painting, you don’t need to be the next Vincent van Gogh to add some brightness to your home and celebrate spring indoors. Create some art as a stress reliever or make it a fun family activity with a paint palette and mini-poster boards. Get inspired by any favorite spring themes or ideas and let the creativity flow. Use the DIY art around the house or make a rotating art gallery on the refrigerator or front door

Celebrate Spring Indoors with Ease

No matter where you are, you can use some creativity to make this the best spring ever. Find ways to bring the brilliance and new life of the season indoors and celebrate in new ways. You can make it a fantastic season just by thinking outside the box!


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